June 2002
Week of June 21st thru June 28th


We Need To Talk About This

Minutes after we sent a letter from Malcolm Lee discussing Undercover Brother, we have been bombarded with TWO THUMBS UP responses to responses not so pleasant about Blaxpoitation type of themes. It appears that this has opened a Pandora’s Box of feelings and educated viewpoints about what black filmmakers should be all about.

So in response to that, we want to keep this dialogue going. Please send a note to us with your thoughts on Undercover Brother or how you feel about our portrayal in film. Send your comments to info@blackfilm.com.

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the blackfilm.com crew

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Latest Features Additions:
Alice in Wonderland : An Interview with Mary Alice
Her name may not be as famous as others may but her face and body of work is distinguishable. In a phone interview with Ms. Alice, who’s currently in Australia filming the “Matrix” sequels, she speaks to blackfilm.com about her latest work in John Sayles’ new film, “Sunshine State.”

Interviewed by Wilson Morales

Kim Wayans and Tommy of Juwanna
This romantic comedy directed by Jesse Vaughn is embossed with conflict, adventure and sports that shows what one will do when his passion is being threaten by the one thing he truly loves, SELF.

Interviewed by Phyllis Lewis

Making it Happen : An Interview with DeMane Davis, Co-director of Lift
Being a filmmaker is not an easy occupation. Some go to school for it and others have learned through other avenue. Once you have completed shooting your first film, naturally you want the world to see it, but that’s never an easy process.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales

An Interview with Sundy Carter
This Philly native packs a punch in appearance, drive and ambition. After a starring role in State Property, this young woman is just getting started.

Interviewed by Shelby J. Jones

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Latest Addition:
Will Smith played the leading role of Ali in this self-titled biographical movie.

by Lorenzo M.

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Latest Review Additions:
Sunshine State
Sayles has returned to form as he takes his writing to Florida to tell the story of two families, black and white, and how the past is revisited to change the course of the future.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

It’s not that often when one sees an original story come to the big screen. Some say that there are only a few scripts in Hollywood that can be sold, and that the same old scripts get recycled and adapted year after year.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Juwanna Mann - Tootsie Goes to the WNBA
Nunez portrays Jamal Jeffries, a professional basketball star with a funky attitude who gets booted out of the league when his antics get way out of control. In order to continue playing the game he loves, he hooks up with the only league that will take him, the Women’s United Basketball Association (WUBA).

Reviewed by Roslyn J. Bradford

Bad Company
Buddy films tend to do well such as Mel Gibson & Danny Glover, Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones. But with Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins, the connection is missing even though the story action is tailor made for their personas. .

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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Latest Gallery Additions:
Guerilla Tactics
A peek into a PSTOLA.COM production meeting,where they discuss unique methods to get their films shown in film festivals. (Comedy - 50 seconds)

Created by pstola.com

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SJ's Corner

Latest Addition:
Spielberg Pushing Us Forward
This weekend, Spielberg and Cruise take us to the year 2054 where big-brother has turned into a mother…The police in Washington DC have managed to find pre-cognitives that can actually predict whether or not you are about to murder someone

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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