September 2001
Week of Sept 7th thru Sept 14th


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Remembering Aaliyah
Whenever death rears its ugly head in the entertainment community, it touches so many lives just as an artists reaches so many of our lives with their music, performances, words or style.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Special Summer Theatre Review : Top Dog/ Underdog
The story is somewhat predicable but it's the acting that you will never forget.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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Scene from Rush Hour 2
Film Duds : Attack of the Summer Blockbusters
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker teamed up for the second go ‘round of east meets west crime fighting in “Rush Hour 2,” and while the script offered little new and improved humor, the gags, explosions and suits were bigger, brighter and better.

by Kellye Whitney

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The Sound Garden

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Off the Beaten Path : Reviews of the Uncommon and Exceptional
New Jersey native, Pete Yorn, nearly stole the show with his big hooks and understated lyrical prowess. Yorn and his talented band showcased songs from his debut album entitled, “musicforthemorningafter”.

by Daos Boonma

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Latest Additions:
Mo’Nique : The Queen of Comedy Recognizes Her Beauty
For Mo’Nique, her inner understanding of self has been the underlying tenet to her success. Simply, she knows who she is and is ok with who she is. More individuals should be so lucky.

Interviewed by Midas

Morris Chestnut : An All-Star in Hollywood
The actor reveals in this interview his new film and playing “good man” Keith and his continued desire to test the levels of his acting ability, but his love for his children, his unique college interests, and his love for sports.

Interviewed by Midas

A Real Renaissance Man: More Than Just A Comedic Talent
For those of you not familiar with the name Anthony Anderson, check yo’ self. He may not be on the hot lists of up and coming stars, but believe me when I say you will be hearing from this brotha.

Interviewed by Midas

Don’t Tell Sistah-Girl that She Can’t Carry A Movie : An Interview with Vivica A. Fox
Vivica A. Fox is on the frontlines and the enemy is Hollywood. The evil forces from La-La Land would have you believe that an African American woman cannot carry a film. The problem is that someone forgot to tell Ms. Vivica.

Interviewed by Midas

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"ONE WEEK" in Acapulco
"In a community where homophobia still plays a major role socially, "One Week" comes direct in it's dealings with an epidemic that is affecting young African-Americans at an alarming rate."

by Neil Hodges

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books for your mind

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Exclusive - "Babies & Fools, The Burning of Superflyville"
The winter moon was a yellow stain across the sky, softly illuminating the countless storefronts lining the sidewalk. Coming outta The Oasis after going to pick-up some loot from mommy, I could still hear Red Jackson talking in his bellowing Little Caesar/James Cagney voice, stirring stardust echoes in my head...

Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV

by Michael A. Gonzales

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