September 2001
Week of Sept 7th thru Sept 14th

The Summer Is Done - Now Here Comes the Heat

With summer fading and an onslaught of quality films coming in the Fall, it's time to give credit to those who made a splash these last few months. Congratulations to the team of Debra Martin Chase and Whitney Houston for producing one of the biggest sleepers this summer, "The Princess Diaries." The film is just shy of breaking the $100 million club. Although it was expected to be a big hit, Chris Tucker still made a good financial decision that paid off in "Rush Hour 2," which just passed the $200 million plateau. While not marketed as he used to be, Eddie Murphy still carried his "A" game and proved he was the best thing in "Shrek" and "Dr.Dolittle 2." Elevating his status in a major way, "The Fast and the Furious" took Vin Diesel to new heights.

As the Fall approaches, the usual players will be back to slay the box office. Denzel Washington, Martin Lawrence, and Will Smith all have films that should take them to a new level. Word on the street is that Denzel will be bangin' on Oscars door again except this time he is bangin' with a Tek-9. On the small circuit, festival favorites such as "One Week," "30 Years to Life," and "Punks" will be making their theatrical debut. In the meantime, Vivica Fox, Morris Chestnut and a handful of all-star comedians grace us with their skills in "Two Can Play That Game."

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Editor's Note

Latest Editorial Addition:
Remembering Aaliyah
Whenever death rears its ugly head in the entertainment community, it touches so many lives just as an artists reaches so many of our lives with their music, performances, words or style.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Latest Specials Additions:
Special Summer Theatre Review : Top Dog/ Underdog
The story is somewhat predicable but it's the acting that you will never forget.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Latest Interview Additions:
Mo’Nique : The Queen of Comedy Recognizes Her Beauty
For Mo’Nique, her inner understanding of self has been the underlying tenet to her success. Simply, she knows who she is and is ok with who she is. More individuals should be so lucky.

Interviewed by Midas

Morris Chestnut : An All-Star in Hollywood
The actor reveals in this interview his new film and playing “good man” Keith and his continued desire to test the levels of his acting ability, but his love for his children, his unique college interests, and his love for sports.

Interviewed by Midas

A Real Renaissance Man: More Than Just A Comedic Talent
For those of you not familiar with the name Anthony Anderson, check yo’ self. He may not be on the hot lists of up and coming stars, but believe me when I say you will be hearing from this brotha.

Interviewed by Midas

Don’t Tell Sistah-Girl that She Can’t Carry A Movie : An Interview with Vivica A. Fox
Vivica A. Fox is on the frontlines and the enemy is Hollywood. The evil forces from La-La Land would have you believe that an African American woman cannot carry a film. The problem is that someone forgot to tell Ms. Vivica.

Interviewed by Midas

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Latest Film Reviews Additions:
Two Can Play That Game
Mark Brown’s “Two Can Play That Game” in many ways could be dubbed the African American Cats versus Dogs or Battle of the Sexes. The fact is, in many ways this blanket statement highlights the next installment into the middle-class, bourgeoisie (bougie) African-American world.

Reviewed by Midas

The latest Shakespeare play to be adapted to the screen is “O,” short for Othello. The film is set in today’s era in a high school environment. Because of the horrific incident that occurred a few years ago at Columbine High School in Colorado, the powers-that-be held the film back for two years.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

John Carpenter’s “Ghosts of Mars” - Is there a Ghostbuster in the House?
I have seen an hour and 45 minute glimpse of the future and it ain’t pretty. For those of you concerned that there might not be any black folk in 2176 AD, fear not brothers like Ice Cube and sisters like Pam Grier are all part of the population on the now human inhabited Mars.

Reviewed by Midas

Latest Soundtrack Reviews Addition:
Baby Boy - Close but not good enough
Rarely does the infamous “younger generation” recognize where samples for the most popular hip-hop song originated. This is the compelling undercurrent surrounding the “Baby Boy” Soundtrack.

Reviewed by Midas

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