July 2001
Indie Reviews

In today's world, movies of all genres never surprise the audience.  Most plots are contrived to fool us or to get our attention.  Currently, in the teenage market, all films carry the same plots; romance and lots of tomfoolery - never dramatic...
by Wilson Morales (New York)

With "Time and Tide", Tsui Hark has returned to the roots that made him the "Sam Peckingpah of Hollywood".
by Wilson Morales (New York)

Now comes a newly formed company aimed at distributing so called "risky" films - Urbanworld Films. They want to show films that have a sense of realism. Its first feature is "The Visit" and it deserves to be seen for its story is powerful and cast is wonderfully played out to perfection.
by Wilson Morales (New York)

A story of love depicting the great romances of a young man's life... yet this man is cursed with always falling for someone else's girl. As we watch our hero Theodorus mature, will he ever find true love? Or will he remain the dupe of Jezebels, constantly loving women who are unavailable and unfaithful?
by Kendell