July 2001
Scary Movie 2

by Alberlynne “Abby” Harris (Los Angeles)

Scary Movie 2

Distributor: Dimension Films
Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Screenwriter: Shawn & Marlon Wayans, Alyson Fouse, Greg Grabianski, Dave Polsky, Michael Anthony Snowden, and Craig Wayans
Running Time:  90 minutes
Cast: Shawn & Marlon Wayans, Anna Farris, Regina Hunt, Chris Elliott, and James Wood

The Wayans do it again, and with a quickness. For those of us who laughed and cringed at the first “Scary Movie,” get ready for another hilarious yet still outlandish ninety-minute ride with “Scary Movie 2.”  Not wasting any time in getting back into the studio, Shawn and Marlon Wayans under the direction of their brother Keenen, find themselves once again chasing a summer blockbuster in this hell house sequel to the teen slasher parody of the 2000 summer.

If their intention is to get the audience to laugh, I would have to contend, “mission accomplished.” Despite several gross scenes and many over the top attributes, this film can certainly be categorized as a parody with intellectual gross humor. Be sure not to arrive late. The opening scene with the “Exorcist” parody sheds new light on dramatic actor James Wood and will have you laughing so hard you may miss the next joke. My only concern with the film is that too much of the pop culture inserts (the “Nike” commercial, the “Weakest Link,” and “Charlie’s Angels” scenes) were already leaked before the film release. But some things will still be quite unexpected. In all, however, don’t expect too much beyond the kind of humor seen in the first Scary Movie. The guys even bring back some familiar jokes – yes, another cum shot people! 

“Scary Movie 2” is not quite a firecracker rocket, but more along the lines of a cherry bomb in a toilet – hey, that’s still pretty funny. The movie is scheduled to open on the 4th of July and if you couldn’t handle it the first time around, I’m afraid there’s nothing to prepare you for the second!

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