March 2001
Reviews : Video Vault


Some of you are checking out THE VIDEO VAULT for the first time and hopefully you will become a regular. I have spotlighted five older Black films in The Vault. This is where we examine Retro Black films that have made some impact that still resonates loud enough to stand the test of time. We at work long and hard to stay on top of the new and exciting developments in the film industry, however, we must always be mindful of where we came from to maintain clear focus on where we are going.

The films we feature in this column reflect our past, in some ways have dictated our present, and will continue to shape our future. The five films that we have looked at to date are WATERMELON MAN, BLACK ORPHEUS, THE FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH, GREEN PASTURES and CORNBREAD EARL & ME. These reviews can be viewed by clicking on to Archives. We attempt to be diverse in our selection of films so that the full spectrum can be properly observed. Thus far we have intentionally avoided the popular "Black Exploitation" genre. The reason being is that although we acknowledge the impact of this phenomenon that has fascinated us for decades, we should also know that there was more. We hope to continue our exploration through history and bring you jewels of the past. The "Black Exploitation" era has it's place, and The VIDEO VAULT is getting there - we're just stopping to smell the flowers along the way. For this issue, we bring you SPARKLE. Enjoy!

-- Nasser Metcalfe

By Nasser Metcalfe