April 2001
Week of April 6th thru April 12th


Go and see "THE BROTHERS" this weekend and next weekend and during any of your spare time. See it again and again and then tell all of your homies, colleagues, ex-lovers, new lovers, bosses, ex-wives, friends and family to see this film. Why? Everyone is aware that the opening weekend is important for a film's success. But what about some real legs? If the "THE BROTHERS" can run on strong legs for a few weeks then that is a real achievement. Hollywood is a business just like McDonalds. If the Big-Mac starts slipping in sales, it will be replaced by Lil' Mac or Shorty Mac until they find one with legs. Studio Executives are faced with the same decisions when they are deciding what to green light and what to throw direct-to-video. In all fairness to them, that's why we have seen so many re-makes of "Boyz In The Hood" - the genre simply was profitable. Blackfilm.com is making a push for this film because we have heard your complaints and know that you want more films like "Waiting To Exhale" and "THE BROTHERS." And the only way - trust us on this one - to make Hollywood and the Indie Community listen is with the sweet viewing pleasure of a Weekend-Knockout at the Box-Office.

We know March Madness cannot be escaped but after the games and your chilly-cheese fries, run on down to the local theater and see this film. You will not be disappointed.

Till next week,
the blackfilm.com crew

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Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

Terra Renee shares with blackfilm.com her reasons for Creating the African-American Women in Cinema Conference and Festival.
Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

"I was never booed at the Apollo, but I've been booed before. I was booed at a club called IBEX in D.C. Booing is not that bad, it is the silence that bothers you. At least booing is a reaction. You've got to treat the crowd like you treat your women. Women don't mind when you argue, they hate it when you don't argue."
Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

Regina King "I'm co-producing a movie, a coming of age piece called MY TRIBE IS LOST and although I was trying to stay away from playing a mother again, this role spoke to me."
Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

If you have seen his work in LOVING JEZEBEL, HE GOT GAME or THE NEPHEW, then you know Hill is thorough at his craft. For those of you that have not seen him perform, don't miss him in THE VISIT from Urbanworld Films.
Interviewed by Shelby Jones (Washington D.C.)

New 3/9 !
Did you know Kasi Lemmons, the writer/director of EVE's BAYOU and the director of CAVEMAN's VALENTINE, started out as an actress? She's lensed 18 flicks and 5 TV guest spots that have ranged all over the creative spectrum. She got her big break as a director by convincing Samuel Jackson to attach his name to EVE's BAYOU. If it hadn't been for his involvement the movie never would have been made.

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This NEW FEATURE @ blackfilm.com will deliver news and information about Latino films, actors, directors, stage plays and more. . We would like to thank Elaine Del Valle for contributing the first article to a section that we hope will grow with us. Thanks Elaine. DA SPANISH MOB Adds Latino Flava To A New York City Stage
by Elaine Del Valle (New York)

Ever since I had to watch "Titanic" walk away with the award, this big prize has always made me squirm.
by Scott Southard (Los Angeles)

A Lament for Scooby - New 3/16 !
"One of those golden childhood memories is truly being destroyed by Hollywood. The implication of it can't help but boggle the mind."
by Scott Southard

Black Velveteen - New 3/9 !
Superfly With Black Velveteen, a brother is on a mission: not only to flip my own old school memories like a hoodrat folklorist, but also to put into perspective how much the revolutionary sound and visions of the Superfly-era is still living large in our imaginations today.
by Michael Gonzales (New York)

Poppin Off "Madonna looked good but will somebody make Lil' Bow Wow go away? And how can you produce that much attitude at such a young age? Why do you have to be that pissed off at that age? Maybe your ice cream fell off the cone or your having trouble reaching the next level on your Gameboy Pokemon?"

Brandorf Marsalis Branford Marsalis is playing the Sax - Listen up. "My first performance was at a club called the Horse in New Orleans in 1974. We had an R&B band called The Creators. We played on a Monday night for the door, and made 75 cents each. We used it to catch the bus home."
by Shelby J. Jones (Washington D.C.)

MOVIE RULES - New 3/9 !
Even if the bad guy weighs 350lbs and is seven-feet tall, he will lose in a fist-fight to our 150lb hero…you do recall that Rocky beat Apollo Creed? Click Here for More Rules…
by Shelby J. Jones (Washington D.C.)


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Gary Hardwick's feature film is a joyous and entertaining romantic comedy offering some serious questions about the major theme of Commitment. At what point do we find true love?
By Wilson Morales (New York)

In her second feature, THE CAVEMANS VALENTINE, she proves that her first effort was no fluke, but falls short of emulating the same success.
By Wilson Morales (New York)


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ART OF WAR - New 3/9 !
Although there are some good scenes, there is nothing in this film that makes it stand out as Snipes implied it would.
By Sekou


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SPARKLE - New 3/23 !
"For anyone who has ever sacrificed to chase a distant dream, "Sparkle" will speak to your heart. Brilliantly acted, this film has endured the test of time to remain a favorite of many."
By Nasser Metcalfe (New York)


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- New 3/23!
"Even if you buy this album and listen to it just once in the future, I guarantee this album will have a profound impact on you."
By Lee Moore (Chicago)


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From Warner Bros.
Opened 3/16

Starring DMX & Steven Seagal

From Sony Screen Gems
Opens 3/23

Starring: Bill Bellamy, Morris Chestnut, D.L. Hughley, Shemar Moore, Gabrielle Union, Tatyana Ali, Tamala Jones, Jennifer Lewis, Clifton Davis, Gary Hardwick (Dir)


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