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Summer of Sam

Shelby Jones reviews Spike's latest hit movie Summer of Sam.




Are the images of Black men in stripped jail suits really funny? Ione & Sekou let us know.

"Entertaining is definitely
a word that aptly describes Life, but then what else would you expect from a movie starring both Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence ....by Ione Leblanc & Sékou"



The Farm

This documentary chronicles the hellish realities of day to day "Life" in a southern prison which was once a slave plantation. This is not the comedic "Life" Eddie and Martin Portray.
By Sekou.


blackfilm.com says Blade v/s Matrix is hot… Star Wars v/s the Trekies is not. Refresh your memory for this summer's baddest brother on the screen debate…..Blade v/s Matrix's Morpheus.
By Shelby Jones.


Can an African-American superhero generate success at the box-office?

Blade Review by Shelby Jones & Sékou



Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Frankie Lymon's is the original player. Lorenz, Halle, Vivica and Lela successfully bring the legend to life.
By Nasser Metcalf.





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