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February 2006
DEJA VU film update

DEJA VU Film Update
Bruckheimer production with Washington starts shooting in New Orleans

Source: Touchstone Pictures 
Date: February 9, 2006

Principal photography begins February 6, 2006 on a Jerry Bruckheimer production of a Tony Scott film, "Deja Vu" for Touchstone Pictures. “Déjà Vu” stars two-time Academy Award-Winning Denzel Washington (“Man On Fire,” “Training Day,” “Glory”), Jim Caviezel (“Passion of the Christ”), Val Kilmer (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Alexander”), Paula Patton (“Hitch,” upcoming “Idlewild”), and Adam Goldberg (“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” “Saving Private Ryan”). Buena Vista Pictures distributes.

ATF agent Doug Carlin (DENZEL WASHINGTON) falls in love with a complete stranger, Claire Kuchever (PAULA PATTON), as he races against time to track down her brutal killer.

“Déjà Vu” was originally geared up to roll before cameras last October in New Orleans, but the devastation of Hurricane Katrina cancelled filming indefinitely. The filmmakers scouted many other U.S. locations in the interim, but none compared with what New Orleans had to offer visually and logistically as a film location. With the cooperation of the cast and production team, the “Déjà Vu” filmmakers decided to wait and film in the New Orleans Parish when circumstances allowed.

“Déjà Vu” is the first film to begin production in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. The filmmakers, cast, and crew are proud to be part of the rebirth of this unique landmark city.

Jerry Bruckheimer (“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” “Remember the Titans,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Armageddon”) produces under his Jerry Bruckheimer Films banner. Tony Scott (“Man On Fire,” “Enemy of the State,” “Domino”) directs. This is the 6th film production Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott have collaborated on including “Enemy of the State,” “Top Gun,” “Beverly Hills Cop II,” “Days of Thunder,“ and “Crimson Tide” which starred Denzel Washington. Bill Marsilii and Terry Rossio penned the script. Associate producers are Pat Sandston and Don Ferrarone.

Executive producers are Mike Stenson and Chad Oman (“National Treasure,” “Bad Boys II,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Remember The Titans”), and Barry H. Waldman (“Domino,” “National Treasure,” “Pearl Harbor”).

Two-time Academy Award-Winner Denzel Washington also collaborated with Tony Scott on “Man On Fire.” Film credits include “Training Day,” “The Hurricane,” “”Malcolm X,” “The Manchurian Candidate,” “Glory,” “Cry Freedom,” “Remember the Titans,” “John Q,” “Out Of Time, “ Philadelphia,” “Courage Under Fire” “Crimson Tide,” “The Pelican Brief,” and many more. Washington also directed the critically acclaimed “Antwone Fisher.”

Washington most recently completed production on Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” which will be released this spring.

Jim Caviezel is best known for his astounding performance as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.” Caviezel’s breakthrough role was in “The Thin Red Line. “ Other film credits include “Ride with the Devil,” “Frequency,” “Angel Eyes,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “High Crimes,” “Final Cut,” and will next be seen in “Unknown” co-starring with Barry Pepper and Greg Kinnear.

Val Kilmer has been seen in such eclectic dynamic roles including “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Alexander,” “Spartan,” “The Missing,” “Wonderland,” “Pollack,” “At First Sight,” “The Saint,” “The Ghost and the Darkness,” “Heat,” “Batman Forever,” “Tombstone,” “The Doors,” “Willow,” and “Top Gun” among many others.

Actress Paula Patton was last seen in “Hitch” in which she co-starred with Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Kevin James. Later this year, Patton stars as a St. Louis diva in the highly anticipated original musical “Idewild,” also starring Outkast’s Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Terrance Howard, Ving Rhames, and Patti LaBelle.

Adam Goldberg co-wrote and directed his latest feature, “I Love Your Work,” which was produced through his own production company. His film credits include “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Dazed and Confused,” and “Edtv.” Goldberg has also been seen on television in “Friends,” “The Practice,” “Will & Grace,” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

Bruckheimer and Scotts’s creative team includes cinematographer Paul Cameron, (“Collateral,” “Man On Fire”), production designer Chris Seagers (“Man On Fire,” “Domino,” “Saving Private Ryan”), costume designer Ellen Mirojnick (“Chronicles of Riddick,” upcoming “The Sentinel”), and Academy Award-nominated editor Chris Lebenzon (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Enemy of the State,” “Crimson Tide,” “Top Gun.”).




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