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April 2005
Week of April 4th through April 8th


While horror and violent films have taken the box office lately with THE RING 2 and SIN CITY respectively, it's been comedy films that have ruled the marketplace for the most part with Tyler Perry's surprise hit, DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN and Bernie Mac's GUESS WHO. Also currently in theaters are BE COOL with Cedric the Entertainer, Andre Benjamin, Christina Milian, and The Rock, and BEAUTY SHOP, with Queen Latifah, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Golden Brooks, and Alfre Woodard. Let's not forget that HITCH, with Will Smith, is still packing the theaters after debuting in February.

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Latest Features Additions:
Sahara: An Interview with Glynn Thurman

Glynn Thurman discusses his role and working in the desert of this action adventure film.

Nick Cannon News

Cannon does a film for Will Smith.

Terence Howard News

Howard and Hornsby joins "50 Cent" in Locked and Loaded.

Denzel Washington News

Denzel and Spike together again with "Inside Man".

April 2005 DVD Releases
Jay-Z's music shines on the small screen as Fade to Black comes on DVD this week..

Morgan Freeman News

Ben Ramsey to write film for Morgan Freeman.

Beauty Shop : Cast Interviews
Queen Latifah

Photos of the Cast and Crew (Director and Writers)

Sin City Interviews

At a recent press conference in LA, Director Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Benicio Del Toro spoke about their roles and the experience on working on “Sin City”.

Guess Who : Cast Interviews
Bernie Mac
Ashton Kutcher
Judith Scott
Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Miss Congeniality 2: Cast Interviews
Sandra Bullock
Regina King

D.E.B.S.: An Interview with Meagan Good and Jill Ritchie

Good and her co-star Jill Ritchie recently spoke to discuss her latest role, her camaraderie with her female co-stars, and taking charge of her career.

Alicia Keys News

Alicia Keys gets into the film business with Halle Berry.

Wonder Woman News

Wonder Woman comes to the big screen.

First Look: Sin City

Michael Clarke Duncan joins Bruce Willis, Clive Owens, and Jessica Alba in this film directed by Robert Rodrigues.

Melinda and Melinda: Cast Interviews
Woody Allen
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Chloe Sevigny

Sometimes in April : Cast Interviews
Idris Elba
42.4 percent News

Sanaa Lathan's latest film gets rolling.

Ice Princess : Cast Interviews
Michelle Trachtenberg
Joan Cusack

Will Smith Video

Will Smith performs while promoting the film HITCH.

In My Country: Cast Interviews
Samuel L. Jackson
Juliette Binoche

Spring Preview 2005

Here's a look at what's ahead in the next few months

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Entertainment news
First Looks

Cry Wolf
The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl In 3-D
A Scanner Darkly
Akeelah and the Bee
The Tenants
Red Eye
State Property 2: Philly Streets
Herbie: Fully Loaded
The Chumscrubber
Miss Congeniality

The Amityville Horror
XXX: State of the Union *Exclusive Photos Added
Hustle and Flow
Batman Begins
Dying for Dolly
The Interpreter
War Of The Worlds
Aeon Flux
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith
The Man

Into the Blue

Guess Who?
Carlito's Way

King's Ransom
Monster in Law
Underworld: Evolution
Roll Bounce

The Cave
Pink Panther

Memoirs of a Geisha
Sin City

An Unfinished Life
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Beauty Shop
The Fantastic Four



Latest Review Additions:
Beauty Shop Review (in Film )
While some of the jokes take some time to get a chuckle, Latifah and the cast more than make up for it by bringing in their own comedic style and making the film enjoyable and worthy of being a spinoff.

Guess Who Review (in Film )
Times have definitely changed because Ashton Kutcher is no Sidney Poitier, but Bernie Mac pretty much holds the film and the politics together in this mildly entertaining film.

Miss Congeniality 2 Review (in Film )
With her next sequel, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, not only is it worse than "Speed 2", but it lacks the spark and charm that made the original cute and fun to enjoy.

Hostage Review (in Film )
Negotiate your way to this film in the perfect non-hostage venue: your house.

The Pacifier Review (in Film )
It does have some entertaining moments, but essentially is a half-hour sitcom beaten into two hours.

The Exorcist DVD Review (in Film )

Diary of a Mad Black Woman Review (in Film )
The balance of comedy and drama is wildly uneven in this film, but fans of the play will come out in droves to see Madea on the big screen.

Downfall Review (in Film )
It is a bold film that captures the sociopathic and delusional Hitler without portraying him as an unfeeling monster.

Hitch Review (in Film )
Will Smith brings back his comedic chops that made him a hit on TV and brings in Kevin James, who basically steals the films in his first try at the big screen.

Constantine Review (in Film )
It's a bewildering mess of special effects and truly horrid performances.

Imaginary Heroes Review (in Film )
The only saving grace is the performance of Sigourney Weaver, who props up the entire cast with her formidable screen presence.

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