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November 2004
First Look: Fat Albert DVD

Fat Albert and the Cosby kids

IN STORES: December 14, 2004 (Urbanworks Entertainment)

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Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, which aired from 1972 to 1984 and re-syndicated in 1989, enjoyed one of the longest and most successful runs in Saturday morning, cartoon history.  Live action bumpers featuring Bill Cosby were set around animated episodes of Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, a series about a group of urban adolescents growing up in a Philadelphia neighborhood. The show was based on Cosby's ‘60's stand up comedy monologues about his childhood. The episodes revolved around the daily life lessons learned by Fat Albert and his friends. Topics ranged from social issues to personal introspection and were blended with humor and music. Among the many great characters that inhabited Fat Albert's world were Rudy, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Bill, Weird Harold,Bucky and Russell.
This exclusive classic cartoon DVD consists of 5 classic episodes of the series:
“Creativity” (1972)
Fat Albert and the kids, at Rudy’s urging, get the fever to start a band, unfortunately they don’t have enough money to buy “real” instruments. Using the junkyard, they come up with a “creative” music solution.
“Take Two, They’re Small” (1975)
Fat Albert’s cousin, Justin, and his cool friend Harlow, have a habit of shoplifting from stores! Will the kids join in or do the right thing?
“Smoke Gets In Your Hair” (1976)
Wombley has been seen around town smoking cigarettes. Will the kids follow suit or realize that smoking is bad for your health?
“Sweet Sorrow” (1979)
Fat Albert’s figure skating friend, Roberta, offers to help the kids with their hockey skills. Unfortunately, she seems troubled by other things on her mind.
“Poll Time” (1979)
Hugo (black) and Baron (white) play race politics against each other in the school election until Fat Albert and the kids come up with an alternative.



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