April 2003
Week of April 18th thru April 25th


Latest Additions:
Disney, known for its family oriented films, has put a wholesome winning film in Holes. Adapted by Louis Sachar from his award winning novel, the film comes with many positive messages that will bring fans of all ages and be quite entertained.

Reviewd by Wilson Morales
Chasing Papi
While not perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed the film mainly because of the uniqueness of such a film. The film had a hammering Latino flavor from the bouncy soundtrack to cultural standpoints like Walter Mercado.

Reviewed by Godfrey Powell
Bulletproof Monk
Music video director Paul Hunter makes his feature debut this week with the kung fu action film Bulletproof Monk starring Chow Yun-Fat. Though Hunter's direction if formidable and he brings a rarely seen humor to Yun-Fat's monk, it is the story and character development where Bulletproof Monk fails.

Reviewed by Brianna Hyneman
Better Luck Tomorrow
For Asian-Americans, the perception of their culture takes a new turn in Better Luck Tomorrow, Director Justin Lin’s wonderful bold new film that is well acted by an amazing ensemble.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Phone Booth
This slick thriller about a slimy agent type who picks up a phone and is told he will die if he hangs up is about as high concept as it gets. However, Director Joel Schumacher flips the script when the story becomes a predictable and tedious tale of truth and redemption.

Reviewed by Angela Harmon
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Latest Additions:
Love & Diane
Jennifer Dworkin’s brilliant documentary is the story of three generations worth of survival in the face of numerous social obstacles that keep the underpriveledged locked in an oppressive socio-economic cycle of struggle.

Reviewd by Niija Kuykendall
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Latest Additions:
Sistas 'N The City
An animated Black version of Sex in the City.

by Chika Chukudebelu
DVD Preview
On June 17, Universal will release the recent comedy Deliver Us From Eva on DVD.

by Wilson Morales
DVD Releases
Coming out this week (March 18) is the DVD and VHS release of 8 Mile, which starred Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, and Kim Basinger and Empire, directed by Frank Reyes and starring John Legiuzamo, Denise Richards, Peter Sarsgaard, & Delilah Cotto.

Compiled by Wilson Morales
DVD Previews
Catch Ice Cube, Orlando Jones, Nick Cannon, Denzel Washington, and Derek Luke at home in a few weeks as the DVDs of Friday After Next (New Line), Drumline (20th Century Fox) and Antwone Fisher (Fox Searchlight) will coming out soon.

Compiled by Wilson Morales
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