November 2002
Week of November 27th thru December 6th


Latest Additions:
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Based on the biographical book by Doris Pilkington, and directed by Phillip Noyce, RABBIT-PROOF FENCE is an amazing story of intelligence, strength, and conviction that will tug at your heart.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Die Another Day
If there was ever a film that we could count on to entertain us and take our minds away from the real world, it’s a Bond film. For over 20 years the franchise has never stopped giving the audience what they expect from an action film.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Friday After Next
The opening animated credit sequence of “Friday After Next” is quite impressive. Ghetto-swank and clever, it sets a tone of comedic savvy that unfortunately never pays off. It falls very short of funny, as do most of the film’s jokes.

Reviewed by Monikka Stallworth

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Latest Additions:
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040
It’s “Charlie’s Angels” – with a sci-fi twist! What if there were four “Angels” instead of three – give ‘em sketchy back stories, complex motivations, and a dash of cyberpunk.

Reviewed by Daos Boonma

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Latest Additions:
Sparkle : Giving You Something You Can Feel
For three sisters in 1958, this journey would lead to more than they ever imagined. Released in 1976, “Sparkle” is regarded by many as a modern black classic.

Reviewed by Nasser Metcalfe

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Latest Additions:
'R Xmas
There was a time when Director Abel Ferrara had made decent films if not good (King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, and New Rose Hotel). But lately, his vision has been clouded. His latest film, ‘R Xmas, is dull, clichéd, and short.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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Latest Additions:
Brown Sugar
Fans of these performers will definitely enjoy their respective tracks.

Reviewed by Chika Chukudebelu

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Latest Additions:
Our America
This film raises poignant questions about racist journalism and what happens when we see ourselves through the eyes of children.

Reviewed by Chika Chukudebelu

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TV Movies

Latest Additions:
Little John
The performances show that over time some bridges can be crossed again.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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One Shots

Latest Additions:
The Score
The acting is solid and the story is simple, with a twist...

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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