March 2002
Week of Mar 4th thru Mar 8th

Oh What A Night

At this years Academy Awards, one of America's most distinguished actors, Sidney Poitier, will be deservedly honored by the Academy. Also, on this highly anticipated night, Denzel Washington and Halle Berry could walk away with the highest honors for theatrical performers. If that happens, oh what a night it will be. It could mark a major change in African-American cinema. And even if they don't win the prize, they are still winners. In this issue, Neil Hodges explains "Why They Call Him Mr. Tibbs," and Kellye Whitney reviews the critically acclaimed, 30 Years To Life directed by Vanessa Middleton. Don't miss this film when it comes to your town. It's a must see. Trust us.

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Latest Features Additions:
They call me Mr. Tibbs answered Philadelphia detective Virgil Tibbs (a signature line from 1967's In the Heat of the Nigh while stuck in racist Mississippi with a redneck sheriff to solve a murder.

by Donnell Hodges

13 nominations for “Lord of the Rings” and I am glowing like one of those goblets from Burger King!

by Scott D. Southard

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SJ's Corner

Latest Addition:
Give The Man the Statue Now!
With less than a month to go before the Oscars, it appears that Denzel is building a little steam and just might walk away with a prize that has escaped the grasp of black men since Sidney Poitier walked away with the award some 40 years ago.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Latest Review Additions:
Looking for a mate in your 30’s ain’t no joke. - In fact in 30 Years to Life, it’s almost scary!
Turning 30 must be reeeee-ally traumatic. For the six friends in “30 Years to Life” there are few meaningful relationships, almost no career comforts, tons of commitment phobias, and very strange dates with more than their share of toes.

Reviewed by Kellye Whitney

Queen of the Damned
With “Romeo Must Die” a success, her singing voice in “Anastasia”, and her future appearances in Matrix 2 & 3, Aaliyah’s film career was definitely on the rise.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

John Q
After receiving great acclaim for his work in “Training Day”, followed by an Oscar nomination for that role, one would think that everything Denzel does now is golden. Sadly, that is not the case.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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