November 2001
Week of Nov 9th thru Nov 16th


We are curious about your interest in "ALI." We want to hear from you about the film. Tell us what your expectations are or give us your thoughts on ALI, the man. If you are really thorough, let us know your thoughts on what ALI means to Boxing. Hopefully, we will be able to showcase this film for your enjoyment. If you want to read a book about ALI before seeing the film, there are several, but Davis Miller's book, "The Tao of Muhammad Ali" is a great start.

Until that time, please send your comments to Please enter ALI in the subject line. Please note that we will publish some of your thoughts and observations. Thank you.

Till next week,

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Editor's Note

Latest Editorial Addition:
Les Pine
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Les Pine, who died last month after a long and valiant battle with cancer.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Latest Features Additions:
My mother is from a little town named Aliceville, AL. When you think "little Southern town", it's exactly what you think-dusty roads, inky black nights, flying bugs that seem too big to defy gravity, etc...

Intro by Vincent Williams

Film and TV merge in the world of a Director : MTV’s Real World falls under the helm of maestro conductor Alphonzo Wesson
I’m a filmmaker. In my work, the actors, writers, everyone collaborates to create something. Reality TV is a whole different animal, but after this there will be no directing situation that I can walk into and not dominate.

Interviewed by Kellye Whitney

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Latest Review Additions:
Diamond Men
“Diamond Men” offers a refreshing new look at how one man has worked hard only to be put out to pasteur when he’s near retirement. In what may be his most defining moment of his acting career, Robert Forster holds the picture together.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Frederick Otomo (Isaac de Bankole) is a poor immigrant from West Africa living in Germany in the late eighties. As he struggles to find food, he’s faced with harsh racist attitudes.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Have your cake and steal it too - Mamet’s “Heist” takes the gold and the laughs
“Heist” centers on a circle of career criminals who are always plotting and planning the next big score. They are masters of diversion, and utterly superior at the art of misdirection.

Reviewed by Kellye Whitney

Training Day
America, Bush, Oprah, Clinton, Bin Laden, Springer, Judge Mathis, Jordan, Gates, Greenspan, and Eminen - what else does America have to endure?

Reviewed by Lee "Kansas" Moore

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