October 2001
Training Day : Soundtrack Review

Reviewed by Lee "Kansas" Moore

Training Day - Soundtrack Review

America, Bush, Oprah, Clinton, Bin Laden, Springer, Judge Mathis, Jordan, Gates, Greenspan, and Eminen - what else does America have to endure? How about a new movie inspiring corrupted police officers and a soundtrack that embraces anti-police and urban consciousnesses? The “Training Day” Soundtrack is an East and West Coast collaboration representing old and new school. There are 17 tracks ranging from P Diddy, The Lox, Dre, Gang Starr, C-Murder and Trick Daddy. This is not your typical soundtrack that you will hear on your local radio station. If you are an old school fan of NWA, it will bring back memories. For example, C-Murder and Trick Daddy re-make the NWA classic “FUCK Tha Police,” re-titled “Watch The Police.” Do not be confused by the title of this song, but C-Murder and Trick Daddy just upgraded this song for today’s new generation. Surprisingly, P-Diddy and David Bowie join forces to resurrect “This Is Not America,” which was originally released by Bowie on another soundtrack album (“The Falcon and The Snowman” 1985). I have selected two winners to be sure hits for the underground scene. First and foremost, Gang Starr, Boston’s Finest and Morehouse College finest pupil, tossed the Hip-Hop community dog bone’s of their new album soon to be released. Lastly, for the brotha’s and sister’s cracking the Moet in the da club, Dre’s, “Put It On Me” featuring old school Playa DJ Quick providing rhymes and vocals and newcomer MIMI providing her harmonic vocals.

Overall the “Training Day” Soundtrack is dull and mediocre. If you are an individual that hates the police or you are a bona-fide thug, my advice is for you to purchase this soundtrack. On the other hand, if you are a hip-hop fan, don’t waste your time - you will be better off finding this Sound Track in cyberspace.




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