October 2001
Week of Oct 12th thru Oct 19th


The blackfilm.com midnight screening series Presented by Martell is special to us and the community of film fans that have joined us for each event. Of course with the changing tide of living, we expect that some may feel more comfortable staying home and avoiding their normal leisure. Not by any means are we advocating for U.S. citizens to regard these current issues as simple. Quite frankly, the world is a very serious place right now and everyone should use their best judgment and be aware of everything. However, we do think that everyone should continue to enjoy this country. Go to the movies, meet your friends for a drink, sit at home and veg...it is up to you. As we have mentioned before, this is the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave. Remember, we are a free people, so do your thing. And while you are at it, route for the Yankees - they are certainly very special.

We certainly hope to see you at the Lincoln Center in New York and at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Thanks again to Martell for Presenting the midnight screening series.

To purchase tickets, please visit http://www.ticketweb.com/user/?region=nyc&query=schedule&attract=59630

Till next week,

The blackfilm.com crew

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Editor's Note

Latest Editorial Addition:
Les Pine
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Les Pine, who died last month after a long and valiant battle with cancer.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Latest Features Additions:
The 2001 season has offered filmgoers a great opportunity to see many African-American stars flourish and 2002 will offer even more. During this year, we have observed many fine performances and we think it will be hard to disagree with the people we have chosen for this list.

Intro by Shelby J. Jones

In a way, it's Haile Gerima's fault. I went and saw the acclaimed writer/director of the film, “Sankofa” about six years ago and it changed my life. He was giving a lecture and an impromptu debate started about Black art and it's responsibility to the public.

Intro by Shelby J. Jones

A lot Can Happen In “One Week”
When I was asked to take part in the review of new feature film “One Week”, I was down partly because the creators hail from my hometown of Chicago. That also meant I was even more critical.

Interviewed by Kellye Whitney

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble : An Interview with Erika Conner of Naa’Ila Entertainment
In this interview, Erika Conner takes us on a journey through her early industry experiences and the fortuitive circumstances that have blessed her to date.

Interviewed by Midas

Mo’Nique : The Queen of Comedy Recognizes Her Beauty
For Mo’Nique, her inner understanding of self has been the underlying tenet to her success. Simply, she knows who she is and is ok with who she is. More individuals should be so lucky.

Interviewed by Midas

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Latest Review Additions:
What would you do if honesty might kill you?
What she tells him is every man or woman’s worst nightmare: he may have been exposed to the AIDS virus and must get tested. The results won’t be in for one week - the day of his wedding.

Reviewed by Kellye Whitney

Training Day Is In Session
Denzel Washington. What does that name mean to you? To me it means a man that has defined the fine art of film & stage acting for more than a decade. It is also no secret amongst my friends that I am still peeved that he didn’t win an Oscar for his gut- wrenching performance in “Hurricane.”

Reviewed by Shelby J. Jones

Two Can Play That Game
Mark Brown’s “Two Can Play That Game” in many ways could be dubbed the African American Cats versus Dogs or Battle of the Sexes. The fact is, in many ways this blanket statement highlights the next installment into the middle-class, bourgeoisie (bougie) African-American world.

Reviewed by Midas

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