October 2001
What would you do if honesty might kill you?

What would you do if honesty might kill you?

What would you do if something unspeakable happened to you? What if it wasn’t confirmed, it was just this nebulous, ordinary nightmare that most people flush from their minds? Have you ever heard two truly evil words and wanted so desperately to turn back the hands of time that you literally ached with longing? If you’ve experienced any of these questions, then you have to see the new Film Life feature “One Week.”

The film stars Chicago native Kenny Thomas as Varon Thomas an upwardly mobile brother on the fast track at his job. His two truly evil words are: Partner Notification. When a mysterious woman enters the picture of his perfect life, Varon is obviously reluctant to allow her access to his life. He knows how chickenheads are. They cluck especially loud when you’re engaged to the woman of your dreams and the wedding day is eminent. Besides, his world is darn near perfect. He’s up for a promotion at his job, he even likes his future in-laws! The only remotely unstable factor on his enviably smooth horizon is his sloppy, couch-ridden roommate Tyco, and even he has promised to vacate the living room once his boy ties the knot. Enter the stranger. This woman claims to be a field agent for a nearby health clinic, and she wants Varon to come down to her office and talk something fierce. She’s so persistent when he disses her by phone, she makes her way to his job to push the issue and ultimately, he goes. What she tells him is every man or woman’s worst nightmare: he may have been exposed to the AIDS virus and must get tested. The results won’t be in for one week - the day of his wedding.

Now things really get deep. Tell, don’t tell. Risk losing your woman, be honest. What’s a brother to do? Of course as the clock ticks down, the snowball that is his life rolls merrily and quite destructively on. It’s hit after hit, until “One Week” climaxes in a way you won’t expect or imagine. The subject matter is scary, but it’s real and the film is definitely worth seeing. It’s rare that an independent feature offers this much action, comedy and drama. Saadiqa Muhammad (Varon’s fiancé Kiya) offers a fabulous supporting performance as does Eric Lane (Tyco).

Director Carl Seaton put his foot in this one ladies and gentlemen. Seaton, who co-wrote the film with Young (Varon), tackles a subject matter that is not new, but is one that needs attention. He does it simply, directly and very realistically. It’s rare and wonderful when a modern Black film tackles dramatic material and escapes without cascades of sweet and sticky syrup oozing from every reel. “One Week” does it. The message of the film is strong, clear and succinct without the hammer over the head impact new film creators usually offer. So, I say again. What would you do?

Written by Kenny Thomas & Carl Seaton

Directed by Carl Seaton

A Film Life Release


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