August 2001
Week of August 3rd thru August 10th

Let's Get It On...

Fat Albert

Tim Burton's "Planet of The Apes" made a mad run at box-office glory last weekend and quite frankly, we were wondering how did that happen? This weekend, "Rush Hour 2" comes barreling down the pike and according to Niambi Sims, this Rush Hour is packing some heat. So make plans this weekend for the "real" summer blockbuster film. We think you will like it.

In retrospect, were any blockbusters this summer also good films? With expanding budgets and actors taking on ridiculous projects, our advice to the producers and distributors is to take a long, hard look at the content that you are distributing. Maybe everyone should start caring more about their work product as opposed to points, trailer sizes and press coverage. If our industry continues to take the movie-fan for granite, other hobbies will surely take our place. Like watching Fat Albert everyday, all-day!

Till next week,

The crew

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Editor's Note

Latest Editorial Additions:
The headline might make you think about Redman’s club-classic, but right now I would like for you to really take some action.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Latest Specials Additions:
Special Summer Theatre Review : Blue
With Ja Rule, Lil Zane, and Tyrese currently expanding their talent to the film industry, one has to wonder as to where are the real thespians. Well, look no further than to your local theater where some are working on their skills.

by Wilson Morales


Latest Interview Additions:
Interview with Brett Ratner
In this international roundtable interview, director Brett Ratner fields questions about the sequel Rush Hour II as well as the compatibility & appeal of Chinese and black culture in one film.

by Midas

Interview with Jackie Chan
In this interview, Chan reveals the pressures of being Jackie Chan, making the Rush Hour sequel, his search for movies that appeal to all audiences, and his cynicism with Hollywood’s recent interest in Asian films.

by Midas

Interview with Chris Tucker
In the sequel to the mega hit, Rush Hour, Chris Tucker takes us on a comedic joyride from Vegas to Hong Kong and back again and.... he even does his own stunts!! The funny man tells what it was like the second time around.

by Niambi Sims

Interview with Zhang Ziyi
She mesmerized us in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Now this 22 year-old Chinese actress is about to make her mark on Hollywood in New Line Cinema’s Rush Hour 2.  Zhang Ziyi gives the scoop.

by Niambi Sims

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Latest Film Reviews Additions:
Publicity shot from Rush Hour 2
Rush Hour 2
Three years ago, Los Angeles detectives Carter (Chris Tucker) and Lee (Jackie Chan) propelled us through a comedic joy ride in Rush Hour. Now, the crime- fighting duo is back again.

Reviewed by Niambi Sims

Planet of the Apes - Too Much Monkey Business…
“Planet of The Apes,”…wow…wow…wow…!” It’s almost impossible not to be excited about this film. With scientist constantly discovering new theories on why apes are probably our forefathers, this film comes along at the right time to shed some possible theories on the issue...

Reviewed by Shelby J. Jones

Latest Indie Reviews Additions:
Jump Tomorrow
In Josh Hopkins’ first feature film, “Jump Tomorrow,” he manages to make this quirky comedy enjoyable. It’s a battle between love and responsibility. Guess which prevails?

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

In 1960 Patrice Lumumba was chosen as Congo’s first prime minister. Within less than a year, he would be assassinated with no body to be found.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

“Adanggaman” shows a slice of history that still exists today. Black on Black crime is something that began long ago when survival of the fittest meant who had more power.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Latest "One Shots" Reviews Additions:
The Score
“The Score” is a film where the acting is solid and the story is simple, with a twist...

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Latest Cable Reviews Additions:
SHOWTIME'S ANNUAL BLACK FILMMAKER SHOWCASE - Accepting Entries for 2002 Competition
As part of The Black Experience, SHOWTIME is proud to provide the opportunity for young African-American filmmakers to express themselves through its annual Black Filmmaker Showcase.
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