May '00 : Love and Basketball
Music From The Motion Picture

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Reviewed by Max Sin
Overbrook Music & New Line Records Scene from Love and Basketball

Album Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Hollywood, CA
Executive Producers Ė Will Smith, James Lassiter & Pilar McCurry
Executive In Charge Of Music for New Line Cinema Ė Toby Emmerich

Whatever Will Smith touches turns to Gold! No doubt about the fact that chill Will can rock the silver-screen, and has the skillz to blow-up the microphone. But what about Will the Soundtrack Producer? You may not have liked Wild, Wild, West or Men In Black, but Love & Basketball is a definite slam-dunk. I remember the whispers, giggles and lovingly chatter when Sweet Thing started playing in the background during the L&B screening. If you donít have that in your Chaka Khan or Rufus file, it is song number 10 on the soundtrack.

No matter what your tastes are, this soundtrack will deliver some flavor to your ears. My personal favorites are Fool of Me, Holding Back The Years, Dance Tonight & Sweet Thing. Mainly because they are mixed beautifully within the film. But even while listening to them on my desktop the emotions and images created from the music is still fresh and vibrant.

So whether you are bangin in your jeep or on the late night creep, pick up this soundtrack for your collection. Actually, see the film first and then buy the soundtrack. Youíll can thank me later.


  1. Iíll Go by Donell Jones
  2. It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
  3. Dance Tonight by Lucy Pearl
  4. Complete Beloved by Black Eyed Peas featuring Les Nubians
  5. I Like by Guy
  6. Lyte as a Rock by MC Lyte
  7. Holding Back The Years by Angie Stone
  8. Love and Happiness by Al Green
  9. Soul Sista by Bilal
  10. Sweet Thing by Rufus FEATURING Chaka Khan
  11. I Want To Be Your Man by Roger
  12. Fool of Me by Meshell Ndegeocello

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