May '00 : The Academy Awards
Don't Ya Just Love Them?

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No doubt about it, many people, and not just African-Americans were pulling for Denzel at this years Oscars. We received numerous letters expressing dissatisfaction with the Oscar choices, and even some comments questioning why we need the Oscars anyway? The consensus was that Denzel should have won but no one dissed Kevin Spacey, because our community only hates the game and never the playa. Here is what you had to say.

“I watched most of the Oscars last night and can't say that I disagree with any of the chosen except for one. Kevin Spacey played a character, while Denzel Washington recreated a person on screen. I am not sure if the recreation of a real character is looked upon in a pleasing light by the Academy. If that were the case then Jim Carrey should have been nominated for his performance in Man on the Moon. I believe that voting members may use their prejudices against the characters to judge the performance rather then seeing the performances as a whole. It is much easier to see the flaws in a real person as opposed to a purely fictional one. I believe that the performances in movies should be separated more greatly by type. For instance, fiction and non-fiction. It would be impossible to judge the merits of a book contest if all books were lumped into one category. Why wasn't Denzel nominated as best actor in a documentary as opposed to best actor? I know that these are all nit picky reasons that I am using to justify the Academy's problems, but I feel that they are legitimate.”
- Brian Dorsey

“What in the world is up with Warren Beatty and that blabbering speech of his? And who thought he deserved such an honor? The Oscars, although I love them, can be such a political joke sometimes.”
- Tonya Baltimore

“Why do we need affirmation from the Academy to say that we did an outstanding job? We have the NAACP Image Awards. What, these awards aren't good enough? Why do we need white people to tell us what is good or bad? The Academy Awards is a political event. It doesn't have anything to do with Denzel. They have ignored other great black films and actors yet the awards are not suppose to be about race. It really should be about the best, but who is to say that in their minds (the voters)that their choices don’t harbor slightly upon race?”
- Stacy Miller

“Stop beating yourself up over Denzel Washington. Some of the very best in the 20th century were nominated 5, 10, even up to 15 times even before getting an Honorary Oscar. And then all of sudden, they win three in the past eight years. Look at Clint Eastwood. And like Clint, Denzel won't be forgotten I'm quite sure. Please don't call this best actor thing racism. It is a tad played out. Trust me, Denzel will receive best actor sooner than you think and from an even better script.”
- Jeff Grossman

“Robbed again.”
- Phillip Dye

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