Feb '00 Gallery: Mr. Complex aka Corey Roberts

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4Play: Play
dir. Mr. Complex aka Corey Roberts

In the world of dating there is game playing involved. In an inviting apartment a young lady plays games directly and indirectly. He obsession is not only game playing but conquering all men. One day, this young lady meets her match. The battle between her and the smart, egotistical male is both humorous and suspenseful. The ending is definetly a surprise.

About the artist:

Mr Complex a.k.a. Corey Roberts a graduate of NYC's renowned Art & Design High School. He is known in many New York circles. In the independent film scene he is a promising filmmaker. To the art community he is an outstanding illustrator. And to music, he is Mr. Complex an underground hip hop artist who has been touring Europe with two hot singles Feel Me, I'm Rhyming 'Against the Grain andVisualize.
Any real part of art Mr. Complex has mastered. In terms of the future, Mr. Complex plans to complete ten more movies and ten more albums as hip hop's "everything man". In terms of his film objectives, he's completing them a you read this. In addition to 4Play: Play, Corey has just completed a short film entitled Nothing Moves and is currently working on a feature He's almost There.


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