's Advance Studio Screenings


X2 (X-Men United) and 20th Century Fox invites you to a screening of X2 (X-Men United). Due to a limited amount of tickets given, a Q & A is given below to manage the number of requests.

1. What is the name of the school where most of the X-Men reside and where is it located?
2. Which of the future X-Men (abilities displayed) were featured in the first film and at the school?
3. According to the first film, how old was Prof. X when he first met Magneto?
4. Where did Rogue and Wolverine first meet in the first film and what country?
5. Who was the first character that Mystique changed into when she infiltrated the school in the first film?
6. Besides the X-Men films, what actor has worked with Bryan Singer before and what film?
7. Name all of the X-Men that Mystique changed into the first film?

1. IMPORTANT: THE FIRST 25 PEOPLE TO GET AT LEAST 4 OF THE ABOVE 7 QUESTIONS CORRECT (within a 2 hour time-frame) WILL RECEIVE THE PASSES; Winners will be notified by email and phone when to pick up tickets.
2. Please send all answers to with your name and email address and a phone number where you can be reached.
3. Only ONE PASS (which admits 2) per a subscriber.
4. On the night of the screening, and 20th Century Fox are not responsible for overbooking. We encourage you to arrive at the event at least 45 minutes early.
5. If you do not have a pass, you will not be admitted.


New York City - Thurs., 05/01 @ 8:30pm (arrive EARLY!)

Questions about this event? Please e-mail