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Watch Lisa Bonet & Kiersey Clemons In Alma Har’el’s Short Film ‘JellyWolf’

Watch Lisa Bonet & Kiersey Clemons In Alma Har’el’s Short Film ‘ JellyWolf’Posted by Wilson Morales

February 24, 2017

Source: Indiewire

You can watch actresses Lisa Bonet and Kersey Clemons in “Jellywolf,” a new short film from Alma Har’el for Chanel and iD’s new channel, The Fifth Sense. The film was produced by BRF (B-Reel Films) along with Margo Mars & Christopher Leggett.

Har’el an Israeli-American music video and film director, best known for her documentary Bombay Beach, which took the top prize at Tribeca Film Festival in 2011.

JellyWolf also has a score featuring original music by Emile Haynie, Natasha Khan (musician Bat for Lashes), and Sexwitch (a musical collaboration between Natasha Khan and TOY).

According to, “Inspired by scent as a purveyor of memory and identity, the film takes the viewer on a wild journey into their inner pysche. The result is a spectacular trippy love letter to women. JellyWolf follows the character portrayed by Clemons who carries a box of mementos inspired by the key ingredients of Chanel’s No5 L’Eau–lemon, wood and rose–as she embarks on a visually spectacular sojourn inspired by the memories each scent conjures. With each new vision she unlocks, she deepens her understanding of the woman she is, as well as her connection to her grandmother and other women in her life.”

Indiewire states that Lisa Bonet plays a mysterious shop owner who guides her on her vision quest, directing her to follow her nose and wearing a shirt that proclaims, “Women Smell Better.”

“I was inspired by Synesthesia, a condition that gets your senses to cross paths, and my need to portray women in a new light,” Har’el said. “This is a trippy love letter to women who need to heal so they can find their voices.” She was inspired by the current political moment to make a film that centered strong women uplifting each other.

Kiersey also collaborated with Alma in the writing of the voice over, which combines fragments and lines that the filmmaker had written with elements drawn from a lengthy interview between director and actress.

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