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Miracles From Heaven

Miracles From Heavenby Andrew Janey

March 18, 2016

Miracles From Heaven poster

Miracles from Heaven simply put is a reset button for your faith. Jennifer Garner joins the sorority of cinematic mothers, playing Christy Beam, a mother of three young girls and a devoted wife. The Beam family’s life is turned upside down by the rapid illness and decline of their middle daughter Anna, played by Kylie Rogers.

Garner’s performance reminds me of a softer, gentler Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment. She hits all the right notes in finding the cause and more importantly a solution to her daughter’s health crisis. Just like a tumbleweed on a Texas prairie, Garner’s accent blew in and out of the film making it somewhat difficult to believe the Lone Star state setting. Though accent and poor song choice of Howie Day’s Collide aside, the film works well and tugs on the heartstrings like a celestial harp.

Miracles From Heaven Jennifer Garner

Kylie Rogers does an outstanding job playing Anna Beam, dealing with the complexities of such a severe illness and wanting nothing more than to be a ten year old who loves to read, go to the aquarium and maybe travel to Paris one day. Rogers’ performance will certainly cement her stardom and career.

Queen Latifah who plays Angela, the Boston waitress and unofficial tour guide of the Beams, is just the right amount of joy, fun and hilarity in the film. Similarly, Eugenio Derbez, who plays Dr. Nurko gives a fun-filled kindness to his role that is reminiscent of the late Robin Williams, in Patch Adams.

All in all, the film works and is a great testament to the miracles in our lives that happen everyday. So no matter the reason for your lacking faith or diminishing hope, Miracles from Heaven restores our childlike sensibility that anything is possible and that everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.

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