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Entourageby Wilson Morales

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In the last few years we have seen more reboots, remakes, and TV adaptations than one can imagine and most of them can’t get close to what the original had done to be a cult classic. In regards to the TV adaptations, there are some that have been successful financially but not necessarily memorable. HBO’s ‘Sex and the City’ did wonders the first time but the second one failed, and last year’s ‘Equalizer’ didn’t have any of the actors from the TV series although it well with Denzel Washington in the lead role.

Now we have HBO’s ‘Entourage’ making its way to the big screen four years after it ended its run on the cable channel. What’s good about it is that the original cast, led by Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven are back as well as the supporting characters from the show including Emmanuelle Chriqui, Debi Mazar, Rhys Coiro, Constance Zimmer, Perrey Reeves, and Rex Lee. On the small screen, the show was fun watch. After all, it was a half hour dramedy centered on one actor and his boys and how they survive in Hollywood. Every week centered on how to stay in the game.



Now, in making the transition to the big screen, director-writer and series creator Doug Ellin hasn’t made any big adjustments, and there lies the problems. If you were a big fan of the show, you will love the film. It’s like binge-watching four episodes in 2 hours. If you’re coming into it as a newcomer having never seen any episodes, then you’ll get lost and bored as the film is littered with celebrities cameos to offset the story lines that get dragged out and confused if you don’t know any of the characters’ back-story. What shines throughout the film is Piven, who never fails to entertain.


Picking up not long after the series ended, Vincent Chase (Grenier) is getting divorced and ready for a new challenge in his life. Formerly Vince’s driver turned millionaire from his Tequila business, Turtle (Ferrar) is living quite the high life but eager for more. Vincent’s brother, Johnny Drama (Dillon) is still looking for his big shot in Hollywood while Eric (Connnolly) and his ex Sloan are expecting a baby. Then there’s Ari Gold (Piven) who has gone from being Vincent’s agent to head of Warner Bros. Gold wants Vince back in the game, and so does Vince, but there’s a catch. He wants to direct his next feature. To get the film made, Ari and Vince have to get the finance from a rich Texan Larsen (Billy Bob Thornton), who sends in his son Travis McCredle (Haley Joel Osment) to oversee the project and make sure their money is being well invested. When Vince does the opposite and runs the risk who of ruining not only his but Ari’s careers, can the gang steer him back in the right direction?

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Along with the supporting characters, there are other subplots that go nowhere unless you have seen the series. Among the many celebrities spotted in the film, from Mark Wahlberg, Pharrell Williams, Liam Neeson, and Jessica Alba, it’s mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey who gets more to do in a plot involving Turtle. From her role in Furious 7 to this film, can’t blame her agent for getting her this much exposure. Unlike the first Sex and the City film where there was a plot with substance, there’s nothing here to be excited for. For the most part, the traits of the some of the guys just get repetitive as the film goes on. As good as Piven is, there’s only so much yelling one can take from Ari. How Osment got a plum role in this film is baffling? Thorton is wasted in what could have a good opportunity. The film is not a total waste. There are plenty of inside jokes that’s amusing and the film moves at a good beat, so fans will enjoy it but others may wonder why they came if they hadn’t seen the series.

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