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August 2009


Director: Ricardo Sean Thompson
Producer: Michelle-Anne M. Small
Co-producer: Ulyssess Terrero
Writer: Ricardo Sean Thompson
Cast: Judy Marte, Michael Rivera, Stephanie Cruz, Manny Perez, Adam Rodriguez, Gleendilys Inoa, Michael K. Williams, Paul Calderon, Mario D' Leon

Synopsis: Phoenix (Judy Marte) is a struggling artist attempting to establish some semblance of normalcy after a brutal childhood scarred by her parents' murders, when ex-boyfriend, Angel (Michael Rivera), crawls through her kitchen window with a bullet in his leg and five kilos of stolen cocaine.

Soon after, Phoenix’s deeply troubled, HIV positive sister turns up, looking to resume her old life of doing drugs, turning tricks and tormenting Phoenix.

Phoenix's best friend, Tiffany (Stephanie Ortiz), has a plan to get rid of Angel and unload his five kilos of coke; she turns to her brother Tony (Manny Perez), unaware he is working for Freddie (Adam Rodriguez), right-hand to the drug lord from whom the stash was originally lifted.

Can Phoenix sever all ties with her past to ensure a better future before it's too late?


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