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July 2009
An Interview with Director/Actor Sticky Fingaz

An Interview with Director/Actor Sticky Fingaz
By Wilson Morales

July 8, 2009

With so many remakes and cliche films out in theaters and on television these days, leave it to a rapper to try something new. Former Onyx member turned actor Sticky Fingaz, who's been in countless films and television, is making his directorial debut with the hip hop action-drama/musical, 'A Day in the Life.'

Starring a bevy of talent from Mekhi Phifer, Clarence Williams III, Michael Rapaport, Tyrin Turner, Omar Epps, Drena De Niro, Faizon Love, Mike Williams, Bokeem Woodbine, Fredo Star, Erik Palladino, Ray J, Treach, Kurupt, Ray J, Malinda Williams, and Nadine Velazquez, the entire film is told entirely in rap.

Through his production company, Major Independents, and Lionsgate Films, the film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 7th.

The film begins as the sun rises, it's just another day in the life of Sticky's character and concludes before sunset of the same day. The story takes the audience on a wild journey through one day as witnesses to an intense street war between two rival crime families.

In speaking with Blackfilm.com, the former Def Jam Records rap star talked about putting this film together and trying to bring something new to the industry.

Were did you get the inspiration to do a musical?

Sticky Fingaz: This came about after I did my first album, 'Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones,' which was distributed by Universal Records. The album was like a movie. It just didn't have any visuals to it. I wanted to be progressive and put twoand two together.

Was it a challenge to writing the dialogue, which is also the lyrics, when you have this many speaking parts?

SF: Not really. The writing was actually easy to do. This is what I do. It's like doing a puzzle from the beginning to the end, where you keep going until you finish it. Everything was all in my head. I recorded all the parts myself. I had a blueprint of it and went into the studio and worked it out.

How were you able to get this cast together?

SF: It was easy but also complicated. I simply called the people I knew and they were happy to be a part of the film. I had shot some sceneswith some actors who are not well known previously before the bigger names got involved in the film.

Once the pieces were in order, when did Lionsgate come into the picture?

SF: We had shopped it to Lionsgate and they were in love from get go. They didn't want us to show it to anyone else. They had submitted a proposal by the end of the week and then came in about 2/5 along the way of shooting and provided the finishing funds for us to complete production. Along with my company, Major Independents, we have a place that people can trust to get things done.

How was your experience directing? Could anyone else had done it?

SF: No one else could have directed this. This is my vision and story. It also opened up another chamber for me. Everyone on the set for the most part knew each other and got along great.

Why should anyone pick up 'A Day in the Life?'

SF: I think this film is a classic. It has some of your favorite actors doing something you probably haven't seen them done before. For some, rapping is new for them. This isn't a reOnyx rapmake or something you've seen before. We are break barriers with this film and I also think it will do well overseas. Urban films don't tend to do well in other countries, but they haven't seen this film yet. You will need 3 copies of this. One for the DVD player, one for the car, and one to keep in plastic because it's a classic.


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