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July 2009



Damien D. Smith

July 2, 2009

CAST: Sticky Fingers (Writer/Director), Mekhi Phifer (King Khi), Omar Epps (O), Faizon Love (Black Ike Smith), Michael Rapaport (Det.Grant), Malinda Williams (Boopsy), Fredro Starr (Phya), Bokeem Woodbine (BamBam)

Synopsis: A Day in the Life covers the story of a gang of rival drug pushers one crew from New York and the other from Los Angeles living fast. The entire movie is set to a hip-hop beat, with all the dialogue in the scenes being rapped along to the music.

This Damien D. Smith from blackfilm.com I was able to check in on the cast of A Day in The Life at their Premiere/DVD release party. It was a star studded event full of Hollywood ‘s most talked about celebrities some I was able to talk to first up was Larenz Tate.

Damien D. Smith: Hey Larenz how you doing what have you been up to?

Larenz Tate: I am just out here to support my man Sticky happy he was able to get this thing on its feet and he finally made it happen. It goes to show you that hard work and dedication will pay off in the long run.

Next up I was able to get a word with a few of the cast of A Day in the Life.

Damien D. Smith: I am here with Sticky Fingers is there anything you would like to say to the blackfilm.com fans.

Sticky Fingers: Yea Yea July 7th A Day in the Life go buy that your love it. It’s a classic straight hip hop.

Damien D. Smtih: How long did it take for you to come up with the film and it’s concept.

Sticky Fingers: It took me split second. Like bling blam and there it was.

Next up was Mekhi Phifer

Damien D. Smith: How you doing Mekhi?

Mekhi Phifer: First thing I want to start off with is a big shout out to Michael Jackson we are going to miss that brother, and it also brings out certain awareness. Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Anne Nichole Smith what I am saying is stay off the Pills. Everyone should get there mind right , eat healthy, go to gym as much as possible get you blood flowing because there is no reason that a man like Michael Jackson and definitely not Heath Ledger to be dying like that. Please try and lead a healthy life style not saying you can’t have fun but everything in moderation stay focused.

Damien D. Smith: Ok. So how did you get involved with the film?

Mekhi Phifer: Sticky was focused. He told me he was doing it he actually made it happen, and then he showed me a piece of the footage. I was very impressed with what he had I wanted to be a part of something that a lot of people came together to make it happen that is rare in Hollywood especially Black Hollywood.

Damien D. Smith: You have been around in the game for a while now do you see things changing for Black Hollywood?

Mekhi Phifer: Yes definitely. Hollywood is ran like a bank these people just want to make sure that they will get their money back, and they are coming around now to start trusting more black people to get it back. Now you will start seeing more of a black presence on TV and other films like this one.

Damien D. Smith: So what’s next for you?

Mekhi Phifer: I am going to continue doing films, and I am focusing on my film coming Facilitator Films we are building there. I am on a new television show on Fox called Lie to Me. I am the new FBI agent and we are having a great time. Got to keep it moving.

Last but not least of Fredro Starr

Damien D. Smith: I am hear with the one the only Fredro Starr how you been doing?

Fredro Starr: I’m glad it’s not another but you know what there is a couple other little Fredro Starr’s running around here.

Damien D. Smith: How did you get attached to the project?

Fredro Starr: You know Sticky is my cousin he said he wanted to do a movie, and we both came up with the idea to shoot it like a fool length video. I gave him the first idea and the first piece of advice that I gave him is that “You know how you make a hot movie. Every seen in the movie has to be hot.” That was the concept. We were writing it as we went along.

Damien D. Smith: So how was the shoot?

Fredro Starr: It was a long shoot. It took us four years to make the film and we learned a lot. We actually did everything from carrying lights, craft services, licensing agreements, wardrobe. We used our own money everyone in the film is from relationships that we have getting Omar Epps, Mekhi, Melinda Williams everyone. This comes from years of hard work and these people coming out to show us love.

Damien D. Smith: In summation is there anything else you would like to say to the blackfilm.com audience?

Fredro Starr: Yeah. Keep your eyes open.

So there we go again this Damien for blackfilm.com checking in from Sticky Finger’s hip hop musical A Day in the Life. Until Next Time



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