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May 2009


Distributor: Soblu
Director: Lindsey Christian
Producers: Erica Chamblee, Lindsey Christian
Screenwriters: Sia Barnes, Erica Chamblee, Lindsey Christian, Andre' Strong
Composer: Chucky Thompson
Cast: Wood Harris, Clifton Powell, Monique Cameron, Erica Chamblee, Andre' Strong
Rating: R for language, drug use and a scene of sexual assault

Synopsis: When Jasmine "Jazz" Morgan loses her mother to a long-time battle with lung cancer, she can only focus on one thing - becoming a famous singer. Ignoring the wishes of her father, Blair Morgan a strict doctor who prefers that she return to college, Jazz spends the summer entrenched in the hyper-sexualized, drug-influenced DC music scene, dragging along her younger, more naive, sister Leah). One night, after an impromptu audition, Jazz is invited to join a popular go-go band managed by a charismatic barber, Gabe and supported with drug money provided by the lead MC, Flight. With ease, she falls in line with the band and in love with the stage and together they all reach new heights of popularity. But just as quickly as her success rises, so does the pressure and Jazz recklessly tries to maintain control.


Washington, DC premiere - April 23
Playing at DC's E Street Cinema from April 24-30

New York premiere - April 30
Playing at NY's Quad Cinema from May 1-7

Los Angeles premiere - May 5
No L.A. theater run

Atlanta premiere - May 7
Playing at Atlanta's Midtown Art Cinema from May 8-14

Chicago premiere - May 14
Playing at Chicago's Century Centre Cinema from May 15-21

DVD and soundtrack release - June 16


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