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June 2008
An Interview with Mike Epps

An Interview with Mike Epps
By Wilson Morales

June 16, 2008

Coming out on DVD on June 17th is ‘Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins’, which stars a bevy of comedians and among them is Mike Epps, who plays Roscoe’s cousin Reggie. After appearing with Ice Cube in a few films, and then adding his comedic flair to the ‘Resident Evil’ films, Epps is starting is becoming a well known figure in the industry.

In speaking to blackfilm.com, Epps talks about working with his comedian peers in this laugh out comedy.

How fun was it shooting this film with so many of your comedic peers?

Mike Epps: It was great. Martin Lawrence was great and so was Cedric the Entertainer and Monique. It was just great to work with all those people and have us all on one stage. It was beautiful. We came up with some magic.

It’s not easy to get so many comedians on the same stage without tripping on each other’s shoes, but you guys manage to make it work. How did you do it?

ME: Well, we are all professionals. We all knew why we there and what we had to do to make it work. It was a big support thing.

How much did you get to ad-lib?

ME: Malcolm Lee understood how to use comedians so there were scenes where we knew where to ad-lib on to help the scene, and there were scenes where we had to stick to the page.

How was shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana?

ME: No one really knows anyone out there, or in the city, so we became a family from day 1. I think that’s what made the movie good because we all got to care and joke with each other.

Can you relate any of this stuff to your family?

ME: Pretty much. I think it is relatable in a lot pf ways. My family had to adjust to my success.

When you go home to your family, is it a whole different attitude?

ME: Like I said, they had to adjust to it, but everyone’s cool for the most part.

As a comedian, what did you try to bring in to this film that was different from your previous films?

ME: I tried to bring in something real. I played a different type of character. He’s a hustler and does all types of stuff.

With most of the comedians you have worked with, who have you learned a lot from?

ME: I have much love for Ice Cube. He is someone that I’ve worked with and had a good time with. I learned working with Ice Cube.

Will the two of you be working again?

ME: Yes, we’re about to do a film called ‘Janky Promoters’

Why should anyone pick up a copy of ‘Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins’?

ME: It’s a nice family film that everyone will enjoy. There are a number of outtakes and the deleted scenes on the DVD and it’s great.


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