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May 2008


Description: Beyonce approached to do theme song
May 23, 2008

It's been speculated BUT not confirmed that Beyonce has been approached by the producers of the next James Bond film, 'Quantum of Solace', to create the theme song for the film.

If she agrees, Beyonce will be working with longtime James Bond composer John Barry. She will then join that ranks of Shirley Bassey, Gladys Knight and Tina Turner as the only African American women to the have the honor of creating the theme song for such a long lasting franchise.

This is on the heels on rumors that Grammy winner Amy Winehouse was dropped from the assignement when music producer Mark Ronson told the world that they had both abandoned the project. 'She's not ready to record music,' he said. As Ronson put it, it would take 'some miracle of science' to finish it..

Shirley Bassey did not one, but three theme songs - 'Goldfinger' (1964), 'Diamonds Are Forever' (1971) and 'Moonraker' (1979)

Gladys Knight sang 'License To Kill' in 1989

Tina Turner did 'Goldeneye' in 1995. Earlier this year, Beyonce honored Tina Turner at the Grammy Awards 2008.

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