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May 2008


Director: Jada Pinkett Smith
Producers: Dawn Thomas, Miguel Melendez, and Mike Jackson
Screenwriter: Jada Pinkett Smith
Cast: Jason Clarke, Paz Vega, Idris Elba, T.J. Thyne, Steven Brand, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Ted Danson, Joanna Cassidy, Tessa Thompson

The film centers on Julian Wright (Clarke), a charming and mega-successful businessman who hides a secret from the rest of the world which tears his soul apart every day. With his personal life in shambles, Julian will find himself willing to travel down the rabbit hole, as it were, when he meets Michael Reed (Vega), a gorgeous stranger who entices Julian to forget his rigid corporate world and try a more bohemian lifestyle, a decision that will not only affect his own life but those of his boss and co-workers, as well as inspire his half-sister Rita (Pinkett Smith) to re-examine her life with her abusive husband.


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