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May 2008
MAMA BLACK WIDOW casting news

MAMA BLACK WIDOW casting news

R&B Superstar Rihanna will make acting debut opposite Mos Def, Kerry Washington, Macy Gray, and Anthony Anderson.

May 22, 2008

R&B Superstar Rihanna, who's made plenty of appearances on videos and films as herself, including 'Bring It On: All or Nothing', where she hosts the cheerleading competition at the end of the movie, will be making her acting debut in 'Mama Black Widow'.

The Caribbean singer will be star alongside Mos Def, Macy Gray, Anthony Anderson and Kerry Washington.

'Mama Black Widow' is adapted from the novel written by Iceberg Slim, who was one of America's most famous and bestselling African-American authors. It is the portrait of a black family's migration from the Mississippi fields of the segregated south to the supposedly more open-minded underground of Chicago in the 1930s.

Darren Grant, who directed Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, will helm this film.

A sharecropper family leaves its southern plantation for big city hopes in Chicago during the 1930’s, where the mother slowly assumes power and decides the family's fate. The family struggles to keep together as they navigate a malevolent landscape of sexual and racial degradation. Told in the gut level language of Iceberg Slim’s novel, their journey is a harsh testimonial of lives lived on the margins of a racist and predatory world.

Producing the film are Dave Mortell, Chris Hanley, Erix Arocha, Erika Conner, and Darren Grant.

Rihanna will play Carol, Otis Tilson's sister. Anthony Anderson will play Lock Jaw Hudson while Macy Gray is Johnnie Mae Hudson. Washington plays Sedalia Mama Tilson, and Mos Def is Papa.

Production on the film will commence in September.



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