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May 2008
DAVID casting news

DAVID casting news
Nichelle Nichols added to Chris White's horror film

Source: Variety

May 21, 2008

Blackfilm.com has learned that Nichelle Nichols, most famous for playing ' communications officer Lieutenant Uhura' on the original Star Trek series, has been cast in the horror film, 'David', which is being directed and written by Chris White.

DAVID centers around a small family from New York who moves to an inherited farm house set in the middle of a cornfield after dealingwith a personal tragedy. Their problems are only beginning when they arrive in this isolated location which inhabits a evil entity known as DAVID that begins to manipulate their sanity resulting into murder and mayhem.

Nichols will play Charolette, a neighbor in VA who knows the dark horrific secret of David and the danger the fuller family is in.

Also cast in the film Elaine Hendrix as Rachel Fuller, and Michael Pare as Eric Fuller.

The producers are Carol Shine and Chris Sergi, while Sylvain White, who directed 'Stomp The Yard', will serve as an executive producer.

In speaking with Chris White, he states, 'David" is going to be a unique film at least by today's standards in which the people behind this production actually care about telling a great story and not just looking at the big Box Office pay day.'

'When I first met up with producer Chris Sergi we immediately hit it both of us being huge horror fans. He totally got the vision I wanted to go in with 'David'. I've been also blessed to have producers Drew Oplet, Carol Shine and my cousin Sylvain White totally involved on the project. This is going to be the film that brings scary back to the horror genre.'

Nichols was last seen on NBC's Heroes, and is expected to be back next season.



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