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May 2008
Peace Through Education

Peace Through Education

“Peace Through Education” at Dorsey High School A Huge Success
Celebrity & Professional Panel Included Henry Simmons, Beth Payne,
Hot 92.3 DJ’s Victor & Josefa, Director Charmaine Jefferson, and Lawyer Lisa Boykin

Los Angeles, CA – Television star Henry Simmons lead a panel of stars & professionals in an assembly at Dorsey High School called “Peace Through Education.” Others who came to uplift and encourage the students included actress/comedienne Beth Payne (“ BET Sunday Best”), Hot 92.3 DJ Victor Zaragoza and Dj Josefa Salinas , Charmaine Jefferson (Executive Director of the California African American Museum), Hollywood entertainment lawyer Lisa Boykin. Each panelist encouraged the students to stay focus, taking their education seriously and to take positive steps to getting a higher education despite the obstacles they face from peers and family.

Simmons urged students to recognize God in their life and to have faith in themselves and to never give up. DJ Josefa shared her story of overcoming obstacles and never giving up on her dreams. Ms. Jefferson, a former Dorsey student and one-time professional dancer, amazed the youth when she did a ballet extension over the 6-foot podium and told students you always need an education to fall back on. Ms. Payne, who is multilingual, intrigued the audience as she expressed herself in Spanish and English. Ms. Boykin, who is responsible for shows like The Insider, Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown, shared with the audience how she overcame personal obstacles and achieved to be one of the best entertainment lawyers.

Photographer/publicist Steven Williams, who organized the event, served as the master of ceremonies with Publicist Roz Stevenson . All of the celebrities spoke with passion and concern about trusting God and the need of taking education seriously. They shared their personal testimonies about the challenges they faced as teenagers and how they overcame them to become successful adults.

Dorsey’s principal, George Bartleson shared with the panel his immediate concern to have 95% of the students participate in the State of California’s standardize mandatory testing, which will be conducted at Dorsey during the month of May.

According to the United States dept. of Education, the national dropout rate among minorities is greater than fifty percent. The Steven Williams Foundation felt the need to address this critical issue by convening a panel of community safe holders, opinion leaders and representatives of the entertainment industry. Peace through Education was a positive step towards encouraging our youth to stay in school and not give up on their goals.

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