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January 2008
An Interview with Kellita Smith

An Interview with Kellita Smith

By Wilson Morales

February 11, 2008

Having played Wanda McCullough on ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ for five seasons, Kellita Smith showed different ranges as a actress, and comedian, and now with the show now cancelled, she’s taking her skills to the big screen and let the masses see what else she can do. Last year, she played a mother to singer-actor Omarion in ‘Feel The Noise’, which is now available on DVD and now she’s just about to appear opposite Vivica A. Fox, Jason George, Jaszmin Lewis, Tony Rock and Terri Vaughn in ‘Three Can Play That Game’, which is the sequel to ‘Two Can Play That Game’.

This time, the story begins with Byron Thompson (George), a blandly conservative guy, undergoing a dramatic change of fortune when a makeover by his girlfriend (Lewis) turns him into an overnight reality television star. Afraid that Byron's newfound popularity with the females will lead him astray, Tiffany enlists the help of relationship expert Shante Smith (Fox), who advises Tiffany that her only option is to force Byron into marriage. Meanwhile, not wishing to lose access to the new surplus of sexy women Byron's stardom has spawned, Gizzard (Rock), Byron's best friend, clashes with Tiffany and Shante and the battle of the sexes is in full swing.

In speaking with blackfilm.com, Ms. Smith goes over her role and what attracted to the film, which is coming out on DVD on February 12th..

What role do you play in the film?

Kellita Smith: The role I play is Carla. She works in the corporate company that hires Jason George’s character.

What attracted you to do this film?

KS: What attracted me to the role was that the character was in a top position and also I have a real affinity for (Producers) Rob Hardy and Will Parker and I thought it thought it would be a good fit.

Can you relate with any of the characters in the film in terms of holding down a relationship?

KS: I totally can relate to Tiffany, which is played by Jaszmin Lewis. I can say I orchestrated the growth of a potential man and he finally was in a place in his life where he was being easily seduced by the elements around him, and the wonderful thing about the character for Jaszmin in this movie is the she ends up with the guy and I didn’t.

How was working with the cast in the film?

KS: It was great. The good thing about this is that I’m familiar with Jason, Jaszmin, and Tony and Terri Vaughn. The wonderful thing about Will and Rob is that they create an environment where you can have a good time even if the hours are long, you don’t feel it because you just enjoy the good company.

With the exception of Vivica A. Fox coming back in the same role, what sets this apart from ‘Two Can Play That Game’?

KS: Three, there’s one more person. (laughs). I think it’s in the same mode but also, Vivica is in the center of the film as opposed to the fourth wall consciousness. She’s more helpful in administering Jaszmin in getting Jason to respond more properly.

Would you go back to doing TV work?

KS: Absolutely. I’m one of those actors where I don’t separate myself from the genre. I like to play in all of them from theatre, film, and TV. I think they are our playgrounds. They are our sandlots. Genre gives you something different.

During the strike, what has kept you busy?

KS: I’m putting on a producer’s hat and trying to some projects made and it’s looking good, so I won’t jinx it. I’m looking to produce stuff for other people as well as myself.

Not only is this film out on DVD, but your last film ‘Feel The Noise’ also just came out on DVD. How was shooting that film?

KS: That was great. I got the privilege to shoot in Puerto Rico and I had never been there. The people were great and so were working with Omarion and (Director) Alejandro Chomski. Alejandro is a great director because he’s very patient. He also gives you the opportunity for you to contribute to your character, where some directors are more technical, and want to get to the end of the project where he takes his times and allows the energy to be worked for the scene, because as you know, we shoot out of continuity. He’s real good in bringing the momentum at that moment.

Do you still stay in touch with the cast of ‘The Bernie Mac Show’?

KS: Absolutely. We are all family

What keeps you grounded?

KS: Theater keeps me grounded. It allows me to tap into a range and allows me to create and develop in-depth characters. It also gives you the opportunity to get immediate responses and add something more or take something away as opposed to film or television. With those two mediums, when it’s in the can, it’s in the can.

Why should anyone see ‘Three Can Play That Game’?

KS: It’s funny. It’s relatable to anyone who’s in love with anyone and who has ups and downs in a relationship and it’s a comedy.

THREE CAN PLAY THAT GAME comes out on DVD on February 12th.

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