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January 2008
Week of January 21st through January 25th


Latest Additions:
American GangsterFirst Sunday (in Film)
A cringe-inducing, cinematic tribute to the Golden Age of Minstrelsy!


American GangsterThe Bucket List (in Film)
A feelgood, end-of-life flick that somehow manages to buoys the spirits.


American GangsterThe Orphanage (in Film)
It’s effective at casting a creepy pall over the proceedings which permeate the picture for the duration.


American GangsterHoneydripper (in Film)
A thought-provoking slice of African-Americana sans the shucking and jiving which Hollywood typically attaches to black-oriented fare.


American GangsterThe Great Debaters (in Film)
Not only is this a feel good story, but it’s moving and inspirational for all.


Relatively lighthearted romp about a real-life James Bond.


I AM LEGEND (in Film)
Amidst some CGI flaws, Smith still gives a tour-de-force perfomance as the last man on Earth.


The Kite Runner (in Film)
The Kite Runner unfortunately, fails to engage the audience on a visceral level, in spite of its earnest endeavor to tug on one’s heartstrings.


The Perfect Holiday (in Film)
What could have been a film that folks can watch for ages, it’s merely something you’d probably consider as a ‘bin’ movie in a box when you pass by your local video store.


Juno (in Film)
The upshot is a terminally-clever comedy that’s laced with lots of inspired sardonic humor but can’t quite convince you to take its slowly thickening plot seriously


American GangsterThe Diving Bell And The Butterfly (in Film)

The magnificence of this film is in its storytelling; narrative and metaphorical, visceral and poetic, in the specificity and trauma of one man's life.

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DVD Releases

Latest Additions:
American GangsterShe's Gotta Have It DVD review (in Film)
fter 22 years, Spike Lee’s feature film debut still more than holds up for a bare bones production made on a shoestring budget in a dozen days.


American Gangster3:10 to Yuma DVD (in Film)
A complicated cowboy flick where you don’t know whether to root for the guys in the white or the black hats.


American GangsterShoot 'Em Up DVD (in Film)
A one-dimensional cinematic treat best savored with one’s brain on pause.


Rush Hour 3 DVD (in Film)
Soufflé-light fare with a wafer-thin plot just compelling enough to keep you amused by the comic crime caper until the very end.


Eastern Promises DVD (in Film)
A mesmerizing thriller designed with a penchant for lingering depictions of utter depravity


The Bourne Ultimatum DVD review (in Film)
Another stunt-driven, Matt Damon vehicle about a relentless killing machine without a memory caught up in manic, mindless mayhem not of his own making.


Interview DVD review (in Film)
Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller generate enough chemistry here to keep one transfixed for the duration of this daring mindbender.


Dirty Laundry DVD (in Film)
The motley ensemble’s supportive response to the secret in the film proves to be a surprisingly sweet way to bring down the curtain on this well-meaning message movie


American GangsterPirates of the Caribbean At World's End DVD (in Film)

Best thought of as a Johnny Depp vehicle to be savored as a mindless, mildly scary escape.

American GangsterSuperbad DVD (in Film)

You will be richly rewarded by this testosterone-fueled fantasy which is easily the funniest movie of 2007.

American GangsterWaitress DVD (in Film)

Waitress is a warts-and-all tale of female empowerment featuring adult-oriented humor as sophisticated as the mature themes it tackles.

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