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November 2007
An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Derek Luke

An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Derek Luke

By Wilson Morales

November 13, 2007

After appearing together in the 2004 hit film, ‘You Got Served’, which was the #1 film the weekend it opened up, its stars Omarion Grandberry and Marques Houston went on to do separate ventures, as well as the film’s director, Chris Stokes, who had previously done many of their music videos. Omarion recently starring in the Jennifer Lopez’s produced film, ‘Feel The Noise’ and is coming out with album with Bow Wow called ‘Face Off’.

Coming out on DVD on November 13th, Marques, Omarion, and Chris are back together in the urban horror film, ‘Somebody Help Me’, which also stars Brooklyn Sudano and Alexis Fields. The story revolves around characters Brendan Young (Marques Houston) and Darryl Jennings (Omarion) as they head off with friends and their respective girlfriends for a weekend stay at a remote cabin in the woods. After the couples settle in and start to enjoy the weekend, things take an eerie turn. On trips into the local town, they start to have strange encounters with some of the townspeople who seem a bit askew. One by one of group ends up missing or dead, while the dwindling group is forced to ban together more and more to figure out who or what is behind the killings. Ultimately, they discover even more than they bargain for in a chilling reveal.

While speaking to blackfilm.com at a screening at The Bryant Park Hotel in New York City, both Omarion and Marcus commented on why they chose to do a horror film.

Can you talk about doing this horror film, why did you want to do it and working with Chris Stokes again?

Marques Houston: It’s always good to work with Chris Stokes. He’s a great director. He thought this would be good for the both of us as actors. Doing a horror film is different. Having to put ourselves in that element, being scared, and being up in the woods. We really went up to the woods and put ourselves through the scenery to make it authenthic. I thought it was a good experience and we had a lot of fun.

Because you have worked with Chris for a lot of years, were you able to ad-lib any of your scenes?

Omarion Grandberry: Yeah. You want to stick to the script but you do want to make it as natural as possible, so maybe a few words here and there, but it wasn’t about us trying add some flavor to the film with our freestyle, it was really about it being a great script and us performing as actors.

MH: With a story like this, you just want to stick to the script because the story is so driven around the script.

How was working with Brooklyn (Sudano) and Alexis (Fields)

OG: It was amazing working with Brooklyn and Alexis.

MH: We had a great time. Our ladies were beautiful and fun and we had a great time on the set. Hopefully, we can do it again.

Why should anyone go buy the DVD – ‘Somebody Help Me’?

MH: It’s the first urban horror film where the black people don’t die first.

OG: It’s also starring yours truly and directed by Chris Stokes.

I hear you guys will be doing another dance film called ‘Back Down’? How different will that be from ‘You Got Served’?

OG: It’s going to be very different. The dancing is going to exceed to a higher level.

MH: I think the acting is going to be great. We’re talking to Lauren London, Terrence Howard, and Terry Crews, and others.

SOMEBODY HELP ME is out on DVD starting November 13, 2007



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