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November 2007
An Interview with Bruce Greenwood

An Interview with Bruce Greenwood

By Wilson Morales

November 13, 2007

While doing interviews for his upcoming roles in ‘I’m Not There’, directed by Todd Haynes, Bruce Greenwood spoke briefly to blackfilm.com about landing the role of Captain Pike in ‘Star Trek’, which will be his next project.

Now that you just landed the role of Captain Pike, a name only recognized within the sci-fi community but still bigger when you think of the legions of Star Trek fans. Are you prepared to play a character that is huge in its own right?

Bruce Greenwood: The expectations I’m not familiar with that because it was a similar dilemma with playing JFK in ‘Thirteen Day’; even that was an opportunity where you would get criticized heavily. That just comes with the territory. No matter who you are playing or what you are playing. You do a movie and people criticize it. They either like it or they don’t.

Which do you think is tougher to play, JFK or Pike?

BG: It’s riskier to do Pike than it was to do Kennedy because on a certain level Kennedy is so huge on the public’s mind that nobody expects you to do it perfectly. I think the Trekkies are more likely to have expectations that are cut marble.

Have you started to do your research on the character?

BG: I’ve got a lot of homework to do. Having said that, the script, which I can’t talk about, is pretty good and quite different from the last few Star Trek movies.

Paramount Pictures will release ‘Star Trek’ on December 25, 2008



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