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October 2007
Niambi Sims Interviews Lauren London

Niambi Sims Interviews Lauren London

October 18, 2007

Back in February, I had the opportunity to speak with Lauren London on the set of her upcoming film “This Christmas” She made her mark opposite TI in the film “ATL “and amassed a whole new set of fans after appearing in “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Entourage.” She proved that she is more than a pretty face as we chopped it up about faith, love and the power of perseverance.

Niambi Sims: What have you learned working on in This Christmas?

Lauren London: I’ve learned a lot about myself. It’s teaching me more of who I am as an actor. I’ve had to be open and flexible. You have to really be like a bendable type of instrument.

NS: This is your second film. How has this experience differed from your first film?

LL: In ATL I learned about actually trusting the people around me. In this film I’ve learned about having patience with people around. People are different. Directors are different. You just have to learn to be open to it.

NS: What was it like working with Loretta Divine?

LL: AAAAHHH! I have admired her as an actress for so long! Waiting to Exhale is one of my favorite films, girl. She is amazing! She’s incredible and she is also like a woman of God. She acts like my real mother! She is the bomb!

NS: What excites you about acting?

LL: It’s my calling. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. In acting you have to be up close and personal with your fears. It’s a place where I can go and face myself. It’s constant therapy for me. It’s a growth process.

NS: Who are your favorite actors?

LL: Barbara Streisand, Angela Basset, Vivian Leigh, Cecily Tyson. I used to live through movies when I was little so I lived through these characters

N.S: Is your character coming back to Entourage?

LL: I don’t know. I hope so. It’s a great show

NS: What are you reading right now?

LL: The Art of Perseverance. It’s a small book that helps me deal with life’s ups and downs when I go through it.

NS. Give me an example of how you have persevered?

LL: Getting the role in ATL two years ago. I had a friend who got me an audition because I didn’t have an agent at the time. I was four hours late to the audition because traffic was really bad and they weren’t going to see me. There was a really bad accident on the freeway and it was rush hour in LA. I came in there with my car broken down, overheating. They told me to come back tomorrow. I told them I might not make it. Chris (Robinson) finally gave me a chance and I got to audition.

NS: Are you dating anyone?

LL: No

NS: What’s you ideal guy?

LL: Someone funny, strong, who can be my friend, someone I can call with a crazy question, or a stupid question and who is open to everything. Someone who is open to growth. Someone who has something going for themselves. Someone who has a dream that they are pursuing, someone who has a little hard edge!

NS: Like TI?

LL: (laughs) no he’s cute. He’s a great person. He’s adorable but he’s just a cast mate.

NS: What’s your pet peeve?

LL: People who try too hard to be what they are not, people who feel like they have to act a certain way. I cannot stand that!

NS: And you are from LA?

LL: Yes but its different. See, I didn’t grow up in the Hollywood scene. I grew up with a single mom who worked three jobs. It was about survival and being who you are!

NS: What are your keys to success?

LL: Prayer, believe in yourself. You’re enough. Believe when you think it’s impossible to dream and keep going. If you’re broke , poor, God will make a way and you have to take every opportunity because it leads to more. That’s what I did.

NS: What’s next for you?

LL: I don’t know. Two weeks ago I was a little worried about it. I was wondering where is it going? What’s going to happen next? What movie am I doing next because there were a lot of people in my ear but I know it’s all going to come. I’m not even worried about it. Now I just say “ask HIM.”

THIS CHRISTMAS opens on November 21, 2007





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