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June 2007


By Krista Vitola


Distributor: The Weinstein Company
Director: Michael Moore
Writer: Michael Moore
Cinematography: Christoph Vitt


The Truth. Where do we get our truths? Is it inner knowledge? Parents? Teachers? …Or the most consumer-driven form of communication in our American life: the Media. Well in Michael Moore’s new film SICKO, we as an audience get to view how mass media influences many of our major decisions in addition to keeping us locked within corrupt systems dictated by the government. The system at hand is our health care system and the reason as to why we, as one of the strongest and most advanced nations in the world, don’t have free universal healthcare.

So how do we negate the truths that have been burned into our brains about health care, advancements within it, and the ways in which our health care providers supposedly care for each and every one of us? First we add in some real and horrifying health care insurance stories that left many either dead or on the verge of death in the end. Then we mix in the reality of countries such as Canada, France, and the UK who have free universal healthcare and how truly beneficial it is to its people and the country’s lifestyle as a whole. And finally we stir in Michael Moore’s sarcastic wit and charm, and there you have it: an ironically entertaining and eye-opening film about the garbage our government feeds us and the real truths of a system that will help, not hinder, our people and nation. It’s just another side of the issue, yes and no, in one way you could say that Michael Moore likes to tackle controversial issues to shed light on the topic as a whole instead of getting the “higher-ups” slanted view. In another way, Michael Moore is allowing the people to speak about the everyday realities they face due to the horror of our health care system. It is through the voices of our fellow American people that reach out to us as an audience, displaying the horridness and wrong doings of our government and the people who work for such corrupt organizations. Shouldn’t everyone be entitled to medication? Good doctors and hospital care? How are we as a country, which supposedly values each and every individual citizen, able to allow a person to die because they aren’t able to pay for a procedure? The ludicrousness of it is oozing out of the sentence as I write it. (Clearly you can see my view on the subject)

Written, produced, and directed by Michael Moore himself we see that there are still some people out there who can provide a voice for those who have been silenced. My only wish if for the American people to view this film with an open mind to see that just because someone is licensed to be a doctor or a lawyer or even a medical examiner, doesn’t mean their intentions are for your well being. Big business = money and unfortunately that is the only thing people see at the end of their day, not your dying mother. Because doesn’t everyone deserve the right to live a long, healthy life?