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May 2007
First Look: REDRUM

First Look:

Director: Kenny Young
Producers: Phil James, Sal Munir, Amberr Washington
Screenwriters: Carl Seaton
Cinematographer: Euripides Nunez
Composer: Michael Bearden
Cast: Jill Marie Jones, Jenifer Lewis, Kenny Young, Chris Spencer, Danny Woodburn, Terri Vaughn, Rodney Perry, Joe Torry, Reginald Ballard

Synopsis: Brian and Tanya Diggs have always been a timid, law abiding, and somewhat nerdy couple. They’ve yearned their entire lives to just cut loose and have fun, but they don’t know how. They’ve tried everything, even therapy, and nothing seems to work. They seemed destined to live the rest of their lives in boredom and monotony.

However, late one night Brian finds himself in a challenging confrontation that causes him to finally snap, resulting in him killing someone. Brian confides in Tanya about his murderous deed. Not only has he committed murder, but surprisingly, Brian realized that he truly enjoyed it. His next attempt at murder goes awry, causing Tanya to get involved. She, too, realizes that she enjoys murder. Brian and Tanya have finally found something that gives them the thrill they’ve been seeking their entire lives… murder!

As the couple embarks on a hilarious killing spree, inflicting death on only those they feel worthy, new life is breathed into their marriage as well as their individual lives. For the first time, their lives are exciting, vibrant, and even sexy. Things have never been better. That is, until Brian has a “burning bush” epiphany.

Brian shares his epiphany with Tanya. It’s time to stop the murders. Tanya, who by now has developed a serious blood lust, reluctantly agrees to stop. As Brian embarks on his new life as a “holy roller,” Tanya’s secretly makes headlines as a serial killer.

Brian an Tanya find themselves drifting vastly apart. Their love for one another is finally put to the ultimate test when their worlds collide in an unforgettable showdown.




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