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April 2007
2007 Tribeca Preview

2007 Tribeca Preview
First Look:

Directors: Carlitos Ruiz Ruiz, Mariem Perez
Producer: Luillo Ruiz
Executive Producer: Benecio Del Toro, Robert Bevan, Cyril Megret, Donald Ranvaud, LLia Velez
Screenwriters: Jorge Gonzalez and Carlitos Ruiz Ruiz
Cast: Luis Guzman, Teresa Hernandez, Luis Gonzaga, Miguel Angel Alvarez and Silvia Brito

Synopsis: From executive producer Benicio Del Toro comes a film about love of all kinds and at all ages in the backyards of Puerto Rico. A child's first kiss. A man who can’t grasp rejection. An unfaithful husband. An elderly love affair. Passion defeats reason again and again in this film about the eternal masochistic search for love

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