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January 2007
Week of January 22nd through January 26th


Latest Additions:
Fired! (in Film )

This documentary is entertaining enough to recommend heartily, even if it’s not quite the powerful polemic against downsizing and outsourcing that it has been billed as.

Stomp the Yard (in Film )

Less a feature film, than a two-hour United Negro College Fund public service announcement for anyone interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in bling and booty calls. A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

The Cleaner (in Film )

Unfortunately, the movie is one of those pump-and-dump productions which puts all the best jokes in the trailers.

Freedom Writers(in Film )

An emotional rollercoaster, the film shows audiences how enlightened and truly beautiful our lives can be when one looks beyond the superficial and into the hearts of others.

Pans Labyrinth (in Film )

This morbidly bewitching feature is an enchanting fairy tale, even if one designed strictly with adults in mind.

Miss Potter (in Film )

What is truly charming about Miss Potter is the being of Miss Beatrix Potter herself, her delightful personality, wit, and most of all creative genius that had sparked the hearts and minds of many.

The Dead Girl (in Film )

Both Brittany Murphy(Krista- The Dead Girl) and Kerry Washington (Rosetta) do a brilliant job in their portrayal of conflicted, drugged and ultimately lost girls who only have each other to hold on to.

Children of Men (in Film )

More amusing than compelling, like a campy episode of Lost in Space where anything goes and nothing makes sense.

The Holiday (in Film )

What makes this film so wonderful is its charming and warm cast of characters.

Notes on a Scandal (in Film )

Notes on a Scandal is a flick which amply illustrates how far the culture has come in terms of giving such scandalous behavior the benefit of the doubt.

Dreamgirls (in Film )

Dreamgirls offers an experience which actually feels like you’re watching a movie, not merely a taped version of what you’ve already caught in the theater. This is Jennifer Hudson's coming out party!

Snakes On A Plane (in Film )

Snakes on a Plane does not disappoint. Samuel L. Jackson enjoys his best outing in years as a boiling badass who loses his composure as soon as all hell breaks lose.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (in Film )

As super-ridiculous as the film My Super Ex-Girlfriend was on the silver screen so too is the DVD version, whose deleted scenes only add to the silly love dispute.

The Good Shepherd (in Film )

Tautly-edited to make nearly three hours pass imperceptibly, this intriguing meditation on the pitfalls of privilege is not to be missed.

Jet Li's Fearless DVD (in Film )

Martial Arts Flick Featuring Jet Li Released on DVD

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DVD Releases
Gridiron Gang DVD (in Film )

The problem with the movie is that it relies on virtually every stale staple of the sports genre en route to its transparent payoff.

Idiocracy DVD (in Film )

A caustic, comical commentary on the prospects of a culture inclined to pander to the lowest common denominator.

Miami Vice DVD (in Film )

No chemistry, no cool, no compelling characters, no air of urgency. Not exactly your father’s Miami Vice.

Step Up DVD Review (in Film )

Veteran choreographer-turned-director Anne Fletcher’s dazzling dance sequences and spectacular cinematography along the waterfront more than make-up for the absence of the element of surprise.

Little Man DVD (in Film )

More than enough venereal, homophobic, fart, feces, urination, and swift kick to the crotch sequences to satisfy the lowest common denominator crowd.

Mission: Impossible III DVD (in Film )

A thrill-a-minute, eye-popping, globetrotting adventure.

The Robin Harris Story DVD (in Film )

Besides accolades from his contemporaries, the DVD features a variety of revealing reminiscences by friends and relatives who felt blessed by his presence.

The Breakup DVD (in Film )

Delectable in its vindictiveness, offset by a sophisticated brand of humor likely to keep you in stitches from start to finish.

Waist Deep DVD review (in Film )

A big payday is the only explanation I can think of for his foisting such an absurd, insult to the intelligence on the unsuspecting public.

Click DVD review (in Film )

Another Adam Sandler vehicle where he plays that familiar infantile character with an excuse to behave like a moron.

Art School Confidential DVD review (in Film )

Art School Confidential is an ingenious spoof shot from the perspective of a rapidly-disillusioned kid plunged to the depths of despair.

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