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January 2006


Source: http://festival.sundance.org/2007/

A diverse slate of new works by such filmmakers as Tamara Jenkins, Craig Brewer, Antonio Banderas, Mike White, Steve Buscemi, Luc Besson, Anthony Hopkins, Tom DiCillo, Justin Lin, Gregg Araki, Tommy O'Haver, Crispin Glover, Jake Paltrow, Nina Menkes, Justin Theroux, Garth Jennings, John August, Rod Lurie and the late Adrienne Shelly peppers the noncompetitive Premieres, Spectrum, Midnight and New Frontier sections of the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

Maintaining its trimmer size from last year, the Premieres will spotlight 17 features, all but one a world premiere. Among the stars on view in the section's attractions are Michael Douglas, Samuel L. Jackson, Penelope Cruz, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Queen Latifah, Kevin Kline, Laura Linney, Josh Hartnett, Christina Ricci, Julie Christie, Jim Broadbent, Samantha Morton, Danny DeVito, Catherine Keener, Brenda Blethyn and Jared Leto.

The Spectrum section consists of 24 films from around the world, both dramatic and documentary. Eight pictures fill the Park City at Midnight sidebar.

New Frontier represents an expansion of Sundance's longstanding focus on experimental work. The films shown in traditional theaters will be joined by ongoing media installations, media-based performances and panel discussions at a new venue called New Frontier on Main, located across the street from the Egyptian Theater in the Main Street Mall.

As previously announced, fest will kick off on Jan. 18 in Park City with Brett Morgen's "Chicago 10," while the closing night attraction will be Nelson George's "Life Support," about the AIDS/HIV crisis in the black community, starring Queen Latifah. Salt Lake City opener will be Sarah Polley's debut feature "Away From Her," about the impact of Alzheimer's disease on a long-married couple, which toplines Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent.


An American Crime (USA; Director: Tommy O'Haver; Screenwriters: Tommy O'Haver, Irene Turner)
A fictionalized account of the true story of a young girl's torturous ordeal at the hands of a troubled mother of seven in 1960s Indianapolis. World Premiere.

Away From Her (USA; Director and Screenwriter: Sarah Polley)
Married for almost 50 years, Grant and Fiona's serenity is interrupted by Fiona's increasingly frequent memory lapses. When it is no longer possible for either of them to ignore the fact that she is being consumed by Alzheimer's disease, the limits of love and loyalty are wrenchingly redefined. US Premiere and Salt Lake City Gala.

Black Snake Moan (USA; Director and Screenwriter: Craig Brewer)
Desire is a burning sickness for Rae, while making her the white-trash sexual target of every man and boy in her small Tennessee town. When her true love leaves for military service, Rae plunges into wild excess. Beaten and left for dead, she is taken in by a reformed bluesman, a private self-contained black man who nurses deep anger of his own and who is fiercely committed to his task of keeping her alive. World Premiere.

Chapter 27 (USA; Director and Screenwriter: Jarrett Schaefer)
A terrifying glimpse into the deranged mind of Mark David Chapman during his days in NYC prior to the murder of John Lennon, which is played out through his obsession with JD Salinger's classic novel The Catcher in the Rye. World Premiere.

Chicago 10 (USA; Director Brett Morgen)
Presents contemporary history with a forced perspective, mixing bold and original animation with extraordinary archival footage that explores the build-up to and unraveling of the Chicago Conspiracy Trial and the riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention. World Premiere. Opening Night Park City

Clubland (Australia; Director: Cherie Nowlan; Screenwriter: Keith Thompson)
Tim has a new girlfriend. It should be the perfect romance but something is holding him back. He has a secret... his parents are "Entertainers"! There are never just two eople in a family love story. World Premiere.

The Good Night (USA; Director and Screenwriter: Jake Paltrow)
A man finds he has more happiness and love with the woman in his dreams than in his miserable day to day reality. World Premiere.

King Of California (USA; Director and Screenwriter: Mike Cahill)
An unstable dad who after getting out of a mental institution tries to convince his daughter that there's Spanish gold buried somewhere under suburbia. World Premiere.

Life Support (USA; Director: Nelson George; Screenwriters: Nelson George, Jim McKay, Hannah Weyer)
The African-American community's HIV crisis seen through the eyes of a survivor who is a mother, a former addict and an AIDS activist. World Premiere. Closing Film

Longford (UK; Director: Tom Hooper; Screenwriter: Peter Morgan)
Film version of Channel 4's portrait of Lord Longford, a tireless British campaigner whose controversial beliefs often resulted in furious political debate and personal conflict. World Premiere.

The Nines (USA; Director and Screenwriter: John August)
A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways. World Premiere.

Resurrecting The Champ (USA; Director: Rod Lurie; Screenwriters: Allison Burnett, Michael Bortman, Chris Gerolmo, Rod Lurie)
A down on his luck sports reporter has his life and career upturned when he lands the story of his career: A former heavyweight boxing superstar, previously thought to be dead, is living his final years on the streets. Finally, he can earn the respect of his wife and editor-but the dark secret he finds may be too much for him to bear. World Premiere.

The Savages (USA; Director and Screenwriter: Tamara Jenkins)
A comic-drama about a pair of adult siblings who are suddenly plucked from their self-absorbed lives when they are forced to care for their estranged and elderly father who never cared for them-an irreverent story about life, love and mortality. World Premiere.

Son Of Rambow (UK; Director and Screenwriter: Garth Jennings)
Will is the eldest son in a family with a strict moral and religious view and has never been allowed to mix with other people, listen to music or watch TV. That is until he finds himself caught up in the extraordinary world of Lee Carter, the school terror and maker of bizarre home movies. World Premiere.

Summer Rain (El Camino De Los Ingleses) (Spain; Director: Antonio Banderas; Screenwriter: Antonio Soler)
The film is adapted from an award-winning novel written by the director's childhood friend, Antonio Soler, and is a deeply personal and poetic recreation of their generation growing up in Malaga in the late Seventies. World Premiere.

Trade (USA; Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner; Screenwriter: Jose Rivera)
Adriana is a 13-year-old girl from Mexico City whose kidnapping by sex traffickers sets in motion a desperate mission by her 17-year-old brother, Jorge, to save her. As Jorge dodges immigration officers and incredible obstacles to track the girls' abductors, he meets Ray, a Texas cop whose own family loss to sex trafficking leads him to become an ally in the boy's quest. World Premiere.

Year Of The Dog (USA; Director and Screenwriter: Mike White)-Peggy is a happy-go-lucky secretary
A great friend, employee, and sister who lives alone with her beloved dog. But when Pencil unexpectedly dies, Peggy must embark on a journey of personal transformation that is hilarious, poignant and suspenseful. World Premiere.

Independent Feature Film Competition: Dramatic

Adrift In Manhattan (Director: Alfredo de Villa; Screenwriters: Nat Moss, Alfredo de Villa)
Set in New York City, a grieving eye doctor is forced to take a closer look at her life; an aging artist confronts the loss of his eyesight, and a young photographer battles his innermost demons. World Premiere.

Broken English (Director and Screenwriter: Zoe Cassavetes) A young woman in her 30s finds herself surrounded by friends who are married, in relationships or with children. She unexpectedly meets a quirky Frenchman who opens her eyes to a lot more than love.World Premiere.

Four Sheets To The Wind (Director and Screenwriter: Sterlin Harjo)
Cufe Smallhill finds his father dead. Fulfilling a dying wish, he disposes of the body in the family pond and sets off to begin a new life in the big city of Tulsa. World Premiere.

The Good Life (Director and Screenwriter: Steve Berra)
A story about a "mostly normal" young man whose small town existence running a faded movie palace is shaken when he comes in contact with a mysterious young woman. World Premiere.

Grace Is Gone (Director and Screenwriter: James C. Strouse)
A young father learns that his wife has been killed in Iraq and must find the courage to tell his two young daughters the news. World Premiere.

Joshua (Director: George Ratliff; Screenwriters: David Gilbert, George Ratliff)
A successful, young Manhattan family is torn apart by the machinations of Joshua, their eight-year-old prodigy, when his newborn baby sister comes home from the hospital. World Premiere.

Never Forever (Director and Screenwriter: Gina Kim)
When an American woman and her Asian-American husband discover they are unable to conceive, she begins a clandestine relationship with an attractive stranger in a desperate attempt to save her marriage. World Premiere.

On The Road With Judas (Director and Screenwriter: JJ Lask)
Reality, fiction and the notions of storytelling intertwine in this narrative about a young thief and the woman he loves. World Premiere.

Padre Nuestro (Director and Screenwriter: Christopher Zalla)
Fleeing a criminal past, Juan hops a truck transporting illegal immigrants from Mexico to New York City, where he meets Pedro, who is seeking his rich father. World Premiere.

The Pool (Director: Chris Smith; Screenwriters: Chris Smith, Randy Russell)
A boy working in a hotel becomes obsessed with a swimming pool at a home in the opulent hills of Panjim, Goa in India. His life gets turned upside-down when he attempts to meet the mysterious family that arrives at the house. World Premiere.

Rocket Science (Director and Screenwriter: Jeffrey Blitz)
A 15-year-old boy from New Jersey with a stuttering problem falls in love with the star of the debate team and finds himself suddenly immersed in the ultra-competitive world of debating. World Premiere.

Snow Angels (Director: David Gordon Green; Screenwriter: Stewart O'Nan)
A drama that interweaves the life of a teenager with his former baby-sitter, her estranged husband, and their daughter. World Premiere.

Starting Out In The Evening (Director: Andrew Wagner; Screenwriters: Andrew Wagner, Fred Parnes)
The solitary life of a writer is shaken when a smart, ambitious graduate student convinces him that her thesis will bring him back into the literary spotlight. World Premiere.

Teeth (Director and Screenwriter: Mitchell Lichtenstein)
Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a "physical advantage" when she becomes the object of male violence. World Premiere.

The Untitled Dakota Fanning Project (Director and Screenwriter: Deborah Kampmeier)
Set in late 1950s Alabama, a precocious, troubled girl finds her angel in the Blues. World Premiere.

Weapons (Director and Screenwriter: Adam Bhala Lough)
The story of a series of brutal, seemingly random youth-related killings over the course of a weekend in a typical working class American suburb, which tragically reveals how they are all interrelated. World Premiere.

Independent Feature Film Competition: Documentary

Banished (Director: Marco Williams) Story of three US towns which, in the early 20th century, forced their entire African American populations to leave, explores what, if anything, can be done to repair past racial injustice. World Premiere.

Chasing Ghosts (Director: Lincoln Ruchti)
Twin Galaxies Arcade, Iowa, 1982: the birthplace of mankind's obsession with video games. The fate of this world lies in the hands (literally) of a few unlikely heroes: They are the Original Video Game World Champions and the arcade is their battleground. World Premiere.

Crazy Love (Director: Dan Klores)
An unsettling true story about an obsessive relationship between a married man and a beautiful, single 20-year-old woman, which began in 1957 and continues today. World Premiere.

Everything's Cool (Directors: Judith Helfand, Daniel B. Gold)
A group of self-appointed global warming messengers are on a high stakes quest to find the iconic image, proper language, and points of leverage to help the public go from embracing the urgency of the problem to creating the political will necessary to move to an alternative energy economy. World Premiere.

For The Bible Tells Me So (Director: Daniel Karslake)
Grounded by the stories of five conservative Christian families, the film explores how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to support its agenda of stigmatizing the gay community and eroding the separation between church and state. World Premiere.

Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib (Director: Rory Kennedy)
Inside look at the abuses that occurred at the infamous Iraqi prison in the fall of 2003, using direct, personal narratives of perpetrators, witnesses, and victims to probe the effects of the abuses on all involved. World Premiere.

Girl 27 (Director: David Stenn)
When underage dancer Patricia Douglas is raped at a wild MGM stag party in 1937, she makes headlines and legal history, and then disappears. David Stenn as he investigates one of Hollywood's most notorious scandals. World Premiere.

Hear And Now (Director: Irene Taylor Brodsky)
Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky tells a deeply personal story about her deaf parents, and their radical decision-after 65 years of silence-to undergo cochlear implant surgery, a complex procedure that could give them the ability to hear. World Premiere.

Manda Bala (Send A Bullet) (Director: Jason Kohn)
In Brazil, known as one of the world's most corrupt and violent countries, Manda Bala follows a politician who uses a frog farm to steal billions of dollars, a wealthy businessman who spends a small fortune bulletproofing his cars, and a plastic surgeon who reconstructs the ears of mutilated kidnapping victims. World Premiere.

My Kid Could Paint That (Director: Amir Bar-Lev)
A 4-year-old girl whose paintings are compared to Kandinsky, Pollock and even Picasso, has sold $300,000 dollars worth of paintings. Is she a genius of abstract expressionism, a tiny charlatan, or an exploited child whose parents have sold her out for the glare of the media and the lure of the almighty dollar? World Premiere.

Nanking (Director: Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman)
A powerful and haunting depiction of the atrocities suffered by the Chinese at the hands of the invading Japanese army during "The Rape of Nanking", one of the most tragic events of WWII. While more than 200,000 Chinese were murdered and ten of thousands raped, a handful of Westerners performed extraordinary acts of heroism, saving over 250,000 lives in the midst of the horror. World Premiere.

No End In Sight (Director: Charles Ferguson)
A comprehensive examination of the Bush Administration's conduct of the Iraq war and occupation. Featuring first-time interviews with key participants, the film creates a startlingly clear reconstruction of key decisions that led to the current state of affairs in this war-torn country. World Premiere.

Protagonist (Director: Jessica Yu)
Exploring the organic relationship between human life and Euripidean dramatic structure by weaving together the stories of four men-a German terrorist, a bank robber, an "ex-gay" evangelist, and a martial arts student. World Premiere.

War Dance (Director: Sean Fine, Andrea Nix Fine)
Devastated by the long civil war in Uganda, three young girls and their school in the Patongo refugee camp find hope as they make a historic journey to compete in their country's national music and dance festival. World Premiere.

White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki (Director: Steven Okazaki)
A visceral, topical and moving portrait of the human cost of atomic warfare. World Premiere.

Zoo (Director: Robinson Devor)
A humanizing look at the life and bizarre death of a seemingly normal Seattle family man who met his untimely end after an unusual encounter with a horse. World Premiere


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