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January 2007
First Look: JOSHUA

First Look:

Director: George Ratliff
Screenwriter: David Gilbert, George Ratliff
Cast: Sam Rockwell, Vera Farmiga, Celia Weston, Dallas Roberts, Michael McKean, Jacob Kogan
Running Time: 105 min


An elegant made, sophisticated psychological thriller, JOSHUA stars Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga as Brad and Abby Cairn, perfect Manhattan parents in a perfect Manhattan apartment whose perfect life begins to crack after the arrival of the second child, Lily. As JOSHUA opens, the family is celebrating Lily's arrival at a gathering that includes Abby's effete brother (Roberts), Brad's down-home mother (Weston) and their nine-year-old Joshua, who plays the piano beautifully; indeed, we soon learn that Joshua is something of a prodigy. But Joshua proves that he is as adept at manipulation as he is at playing the piano. Kogan's ice-cold performance as the title character will surely find a home on the same shelf as the kids that played good son; bad seeds and even Damiens before him.

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