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July 2006


By Krista Vitola


Distributor: First Independent Pictures
Director: Nick Guthe
Screenwriter: Nick Guthe
Cast: Alec Baldwin, Nikki Reed, Luke Wilson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rick Fox, Svetlana Metkina, Jeff Goldblum



You would think that the average high school senior would be thinking about what college they are going to, how sad they are going to be when they leave their friends, and how much last minute fun they can have as their good ole’ days slowly come to an end. Well, in Mini’s First Time this high school senior (Nikki Reed) is on a totally different track… Why? Because one of the first jobs this young girl has is as a prostitute and if that’s not the worst part of it, she accidentally gets her stepfather (played by Alec Baldwin) as the client and…yeahhhh. So, as their stepfather/stepdaughter relationship escalates they decide to plot against Mini’s mother to get her as far away from them as possible – their goal: an insane asylum. As the story progresses, viewers see how evil two twisted minds can be when put together, especially when its two wealthy, powerful citizens.

While watching the film, I didn’t know if I should be mourning for this poor mother (played by Carrie-Anne Moss) or be laughing hysterically over the ridiculous notions these two family members were putting her into. Inevitably, it was laughter that took hold of me and I spent a better part of the film cracking up over Mini’s placement of drugs inside her mom’s drinks (which she had all the time) and a myriad of other events that leave you wondering how on earth this girl could devise things so evil any mother would laugh at the notion of it.

Director Nick Guthe created a chaotic, racing environment where quick thinking and coolness prevail. It may not have be the kind of life most people are involved in, but after seeing this film, you might want to have a try as a manipulative, sexy, revenge-driven duo because…well, there’s always a first time.