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June 2006

Michael Clarke Duncan's not in the film and talks about a Daredevil sequel as well as Sin City 2.
By Wilson Morales
July 8, 2006

While promoting his latest role in Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Michael Clarke Duncan mentioned that he is NOT in Michael Bay's Transformers. Duncan was to play Officer Figueroa. He also talked about "Sin City 2" and a possible Daredevil sequel and what he would expect for his character, Kingpin, in that film and maybe in a Spider-Man film.

Can you talk about your role in "Transformers"?

Michael Clarke Duncan: You know what and I hate to tell you this, but I am not in "Transformers". I am so mad that I have to tell you that, but something happened and we didn't get the deal done and I was really hurt about that, because my friend Michael Bay is directing and he's like to me, one of the top action directors ever. I love working on his movies. I did two movies with him, Armageddon and The Island, and he has a certain way of directing but it was something that we did not get done that I felt bad about because I watched "Transformers". I was supposed to be the Navy Seal guy taking my team in against the Transformers. Man, that is like heaven! To dream that you head up a SEAL team to go against the Transformers? Oh my God, I said, "Michael, we got to do something", but we just didn't. It didn't work out and I told him that I will be in there (the theater) that day, the second that movie opens, I will be in there because I'm an action freak like that. It blew my mind that I could have been a Navy SEAL leader going against the Transformers. That in itself blows me away. I just want to see how the movie turns out and I will pay my money at least twice that weekend to see it, but I hate to you that I'm not doing it.

Now, there's also been talk about a sequel to "Daredevil". Have you heard about that?

MCD: If there's a sequel, I don't want to gain the weight back. I'm at 279. I've lost like 90 pounds since we last spoke and I feel good at this weight. This weight is comfortable for me. I'm into yoga now and all that crazy stuff. I feel good. My body feels good at this weight. This is a comfortable weight for me, so I wouldn't want to get back into the 300 range beacuse you work so hard in a year and a half to lose the weight; to go on a diet, to run in the morning and everything and to stop all that and get the glazed donuts back out, get those burgers going again, and for me, it's a mental thing. Now, 20 million dollars can erase all that. For 20 million dollars, you will see a big 350 pound me again.

If it were to happen, where do you see Kingpin in the film?

MCD: What I thought would be kinda cool is that you see him in jail, we see him in prison. You start from the end of Daredevil, when the sirens and Daredevil is gone and see the Kingpin in shackles. You see him going to prison. You see him getting locked up and you see his boys saying, "What are you going to do now?" and he says, "I need to train. I need to get better. I need to get quicker, and then next thing you know, you flaskback into the story where Kingpin is doing pull-ups, running sprints, and now he's slimmer, cause in his mind, he probably figures, "I lost it cause I was so big. If I were a bit quicker I would have get kicked Daredevil's behind". Then you see him getting out of prison, now you got me looking nice and everything. That's what I see.

Are you definitely back for "Sin City 2"?

MCD: No, they talk about it but the good thing is that Manute is not an overly big character. He's not big in size. He's just big in fierceness and his look and everything, so I can probably play him in this size because he has on all black so you really can't tell how big he is. Definitely, that's something that's on the burner. Working with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller is like another heaven gig. It doesn't get any better than that. They'll come up with something and start writing something soon.

Do you think Kingpin can make an appearance in the Spider-Man films?

MCD: Oh man, I would kick their asses. I know I would. I would love to sidekick Tobey Maguire and then punch Ben Affleck right in the face. (Laughs) Maybe one day. I think that if they do that, you are talking about a lot of money for the actors first of all, but no matter what your budget is, it would make so much more if you just have appearance by Daredevil. He doesn't have to be in the whole movie, just an appearnace, cause in the cartoons, that actually happened and then they fought and then became allies and the Kingpin was behind them going against each other. That would be heavy!



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