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June 2006
SPIDERMAN 3 update


SPIDERMAN 3 update
The Sandman KILLED Ben Parker

While there has been many spoilers concerning the latest Spider-Man 3 out on the web, blackfilm.com has come to learn that last Friday, June 30th, the latest sequence shot was at the New York Public Library. For those who recall the first film very well, you may remember that it was at the library where Peter Parker had seen his uncle, Ben Parker, die in his arms after being carjacked in the street and that as he chased the killer Peter Parker/ Spider-Man used his webs for the first time to fly around the city to catch him. After catching the killer, played by Michael Papajohn, in an abandoned warehouse, Parker remembered that it was he who first saw the killer at the sports arena where he wrestled and let him go initially after the thief/ killer stole the gate money. In a fight with Spider-Man, the killer had fell out of a window to his death. Well, the producers have brought back Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben and re-created the exact scene by the library where Ben died and have placed Thomas Hayden Church, who's playing Flint Marko aka Sandman there as well. We never did see the scene where Ben was carjacked and killed, just his body on the floor when Peter saw him. Placing the Sandman in that scene could have new meaning to the story, especially since it was Ben's death that made Peter take his life more serious and his role as Spider-Man to greater depths. Robertson also appeared in the sequel as well.

In the photos are Cliff Robertson, Thomas Haden Church and Michael Papajohn, who was the first film.
More photos can be found at wireimage.com - http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=gls====197373&nbc1=1

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